AdapTable API Overview

The AdapTable API provides a full, rich, programmatic access to all the functionality and state inside AdapTable.

It enables developers to access the AdapTable Store, and all AdapTable functionality, at run-time in a 'safe' way.

And it allows users to create, save and delete AdapTable objects in their our screens bypassing AdapTable's UI.


Anything that can be done in AdapTable through the UI is also available progmatically via the Adaptable API


The AdaptableApiApi is essentially just a wrapper around the AdapTable Store but provides additional error-checking, logging, and auditing; it also ensures that the data in the store remains immutable.


Contact Adaptable Support if a method is missing from the Adaptable Api that would be benefical.

Accessing the Adaptable API

The Adaptable API is the only object returned by the AdapTable static constructor.


If you are using one of the Framework Wrappers then the AdaptableApi is available to you through the AdaptableReady event.

API Classes

The Adaptable API consists of over 50 sets of properties; each is each a class that contains a set of Api methods grouped either by AdapTable Function (e.g. conditionalStyleApi) or type (e.g. predicateApi).

In addition there are a few api classes designed primarily for internal use which deal with how AdapTable itself works (e.g. gridApi, columnApi, gridApi).

Function-Related API classes

Api ClassDetails
actionColumnApiManages Action Columns which contain buttons with bespoke click logic
alertApiAdaptable Alerts provide bespoke notifications and messages
applicationApiUse Application Data Entries to manage custom state and data
auditEventApiListen to the Audit Events published by the Audit Log
bulkUpdateApiRun Bulk Update so mutliple selected cells are given same value
calculatedColumnApiManages Calculated Columns which contain custom expressions
calendarApiAllows you to choose which Calendar AdapTable will use in its date filters
cellSummaryApiChoose which Cell Summaries to display when cells are selected
cellValidationApiManages the Cell Validation function so that Grid cell edits are validated
conditionalStyleApiSet bespoke Conditional Styles for rows and columns depending on cell data
customSortApiManages Custom Sorts allowing bespoke column sorting
dashboardApiLarge series of functions allowing full customisation of AdapTable's Dashboard
dataSourceApiDeals with Data Sources used in Server Searching
exportApiExport reports either manually or at scheduled times
filterApiManages various Filters provided by AdapTable
flashingCellApiManages the Flashing Cell
freeTextColumnApiConfigures FreeText Columns - special columns containing bespoke data
gradientColumnApiAids creation of visual Gradient Columns
layoutApiManages Layouts - sets of column order and visibility
percentBarApiAids creation and editing of visual Percent Bars
queryApiFunctions relating to the saveable, cross-column Queries
quickSearchApiFunctions for running and clearing Quick Search
reminderApiManages Reminders (scheduled Alerts)
scheduleApiSupports Schedules for running Actions at set time
shortcutApiDeals with Shortcuts for faster & safer data entry
smartEditApiFunctions for managing the Smart Edit function to enable better editing
systemStatusApiManages how the System Status function will display run-time messages
themeApiDeals with Themes both AdapTable and Custom
toolPanelApiFunctions for working with the AdapTable Tool Panel
updatedRowApiManges Updated Rows which indicated which rows have updated

General API classes

Api ClassDetails
columnApiLarge number of column-related functions
configApiSeries of functions managing Predefined Config and User State
entitlementsApiManages User Entitlements (essentially Permissions)
eventApiSubscribe to some of the many Events that AdapTable fires
gridApiSeries of Grid-management related functions e.g. get/set data
predicateApiHelper functions for the Predicate - boolean return function
scopeApiMany methods to manage the Scope object
userInterfaceApiMany properties and methods to manage the User Interface

Plugin-related API classes

Api ClassDetails
pluginsApiSeries of functions for when using Plugins
chartApiDeals with the Chart functionality (available through a plugin)
glue42ApiFunctions to faciliate using the Glue42 plugin
ipushpullApiFunctions to help export data from AdapTable to ipushull
openfinApiUsed in conjunction with the OpenFin plugin

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