Column API

Provides access to a suite of column-related functions in AdapTable


Most of these methods are for internal use

Column API Methods

doesColumnExist(columnId)Returns true if the given Column exists in the Grid
getAggregetableColumns()Returns all Aggregatable Columns
getAllColumnFriendlyNames()Retrieves a list providing the Friendly Name / Caption for all columns
getBooleanColumns()Returns all boolean Columns
getColumnDataTypeFromColumnId(columnId)Returns Data Type for a Column
getColumnFieldForColumnId(colId)Retrieves the field property for the column
getColumnFromFriendlyName(columnName)Retrieves Adaptable Column with given Friendly name
getColumnFromId(columnId, logWarning)Retrieves Adaptable Column with given ColumnId
getColumnIdFromFriendlyName(friendlyName)Retrieves ColumnId for Column with given Friendly Name
getColumnIdsFromFriendlyNames(friendlyNames)Retrieves ColumnIds for Columns with given Friendly Names
getColumns()Returns all Columns
getColumnsFromFriendlyNames(friendlyNames)Retrieves Adaptable Columns with given Friendly names
getColumnsFromIds(columnIds)Retrieves Adaptable Columns with given ColumnIds
getColumnsOfType(dataType)Returns all Columns that have given DataType
getDateColumns()Returns all Date Columns
getDistinctDisplayValuesForColumn(columnId)Gets all distinct display values in the Colunn
getDistinctRawValuesForColumn(columnId)Gets all distinct raw values in Colunn
getDistinctVisibleDisplayValuesForColumn(columnId)Gets all distinct visible display values in the Colunn
getDistinctVisibleRawValuesForColumn(columnId)Gets all distinct visible raw values in the Colunn
getFriendlyNameFromColumn(columnId, column)Retrieves Friendly Name for a given Column
getFriendlyNameFromColumnId(columnId)Retrieves Friendly Name for a given ColumnId
getFriendlyNamesFromColumnIds(columnIds)Retrieves Friendly Names for given ColumnIds
getGroupableColumns()Returns all Groupable Columns
getNumericArrayColumns()Returns all numeric array Columns
getNumericColumns()Returns all numeric Columns
getPivotableColumns()Returns all Pivotable Columns
getPrimaryKeyColumn()Retrieves current Primary Key Column in AdapTable
getQueryableColumns()Returns all Queryable Columns
getSortableColumns()Returns all Sortable Columns
getStringColumns()Returns all string Columns
getVisibleColumns()Returns all visible Columns
hideColumn(columnId)Hides a Column from Grid
isActionColumn(columnId)Is Column an Action Column
isCalculatedColumn(columnId)Is Column a Calculated Column
isDateColumn(column)Is Column a Date
isFreeTextColumn(columnId)Is Column a Free Text Column
isNumericColumn(column)Is Column Numeric
isRowGroupColumn(columnId)Is Column row-grouped
isSpecialRenderedColumn(columnId)Is Column rendered in particular way (e.g. Percent Bar or Gradient Column)
selectAll()Selects (highlights) ALL Columns
selectColumn(columnId)Selects (highlights) a Column
selectColumns(columnIds)Selects (highlights) group of Columns
showColumn(columnId)Makes a Column visible

See API documentation for full details of all available functions with lists of parameters