Dashboard API

Provides run-time access to the AdapTable Dashboard - the area above the grid which contains buttons, tabs, toolbars and Quick Search.

Dashboard API Methods

addCustomButton(toolbarButton)Adds new ToolbarButton to CustomButtons array in Dashboard State
addCustomToolbarButtons(customToolbarName, buttons)Adds Toolbar Buttons to current collection in Custom Toolbar
clearCustomToolbarButtons(customToolbarName)Clears all Toolbar Buttons from Custom Toolbar
collapseDashboard()Collapses Dashboard so only Dashboard Header is visible (and not Toolbars' contents)
deleteCustomButton(toolbarButton)Deletes a ToolbarButton from Dashboard State
dockDashboard()Docks Dashboard so it 'snaps back' into its customary position above the grid
expandDashboard()Expands Dashboard so Toolbars in Active Tab are fully visible
fireToolbarVisibilityChangedEvent(tab, toolbar)Fires Toolbar Visibility Changed Event for given Tab and Toolbar
floatDashboard()Floats Dashboard so only Dashboard Header is visible (in reduced size); can be dragged to a new location
getActiveTab()Returns current Active Tab (if there is one)
getActiveTabIndex()Returns current Active Tab index (if there is one)
getCurrentToolbars()Retrieves all Toolbars in Active Tab
getCustomButtonByName(customButtonName)Retrieves first Custom Button in Dashboard State with given name
getCustomButtons()Retrieves all Custom Buttons in Dashboard section of Adaptable State
getCustomToolbarByName(customToolbarName)Returns Custom Toolbar with the given name
getCustomToolbarContentsDiv(customToolbarName)Returns 'div' element for given Custom Toolbar
getCustomToolbars()Retrieves all Custom Toolbars in Dashboard section of Adaptable State
getDashboardState()Retrieves Dashboard section from Adaptable State
getTabByName(tabName)Retrieves the Tab from State that matches inputted name
hideCustomButton(buttonName)Makes a Toolbar Button in Dashboard visible
hideCustomToolbarButton(toolbarName, buttonName)Sets a Button in a Custom Toolbar to be invisible
isToolbarVisible(toolbar)Checks if a given Toolbar is visible
prepareToolbarVisibilityChangedEvent()Prepares Toolbar Visibility Changed Event
setActiveTab(tabIndex)Sets Active Tab in Dashboard Header
setCustomToolbarButtons(customToolbarName, buttons)Replaces Toolbar Buttons in Custom Toolbar with the new set
setHomeToolbarTitle(title)Sets title of Dashboard Header; if unset, Dashboard displays value of AdaptableId property in Adaptable Options
setVisibleButtons(functionButtons)Sets which Function Buttons are visible
showCustomButton(buttonName)Makes a Toolbar Button in Dashboard visible
showCustomToolbarButton(toolbarName, buttonName)Sets a Button in a Custom Toolbar to be visible
showDashboardPopup()Opens the Dashboard popup screen
updateCustomButton(toolbarButton)Updates a Toolbar Button in Dashboard State

See API documentation for full details of all available functions with lists of parameters

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