Export API

Provides run-time access to the Export function and associated Report State

Export API Methods

canExportToExcel()If this AdapTable instance can to export to Excel; if false, the Export to Excel option will not be visible
editReport(report)Edits an existing report
exportDataToExcel(reportData, fileName)Exports data to Excel
getAllCustomDestination()Retrieves all Custom Destinations in Export State
getAllReports()Retrieves all Reports in State - both System and User-created Reports
getAvailableSystemReports()Retrieves System Reports section of Export State
getCurrentReport()Retrieves currently selected Report
getCurrentReportName()Retrieves name of currently selected Report
getExportState()Retrieves Export section from Adaptable State
getFormDefForExportDestination(destinationName)Form Data entered by the User in the UI for a Custom Destination
getReportByName(reportName)Retrieves Report with the given name
getReportSchedules()Retrieves all Report Schedules
isDataChangeInReport(dataChangedInfo, report)Whether given data change affects given report
isExportDestinationCustom(destinationName)If the given destination is a Custom one
sendReport(reportName, destination, destinationData)Sends a Report to a given destination
showExportPopup()Opens Export popup screen

See API documentation for full details of all available functions with lists of parameters

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