Filter API

Provides run-time access to the Filter function and Filter State

Filter API Methods

clearAllColumnFilter()Clears all Column Filters in State
clearAndSetColumnFilter(columnFilters)Clears all existing Column Filters and then sets the new ones
clearColumnFilter(columnFilter)Clears given Column Filter
clearColumnFilterByColumn(columnId)Clears Column Filter for given Column
clearColumnFilterByColumns(columns)Clears Column Filters for given set of Columns
clearSystemFilters()Clears (i.e. removes) all System Filters
columnFiltersToString(columnFilters)Retrieves descriptions of given Column Filters
columnFilterToString(columnFilter)Retrieves description of given Column Filter
createColumnFilterForCell(columnId, primarykeyValues)Creates new Column Filter on given Column using Primary Key values
evaluateColumnFilter(columnFilter, node)Calls Adaptable Parser to evaluate Filter for given Row
findPredicateDefByShortcut(shortcut, column)Returns Predicate Definition for given Column and Quick Filter shortcut
getAllColumnFilter()Retrieves all the Column Filters in the Column Filter State (of Predefined Config)
getAllColumnFilterForColumn(columnId)Retrieves all Column Filters for given Column
getAllSystemFilterIds()Retrieves Ids for all System Filters
getFilterPredicateDefsForColumn(column)Gets all Filter Predicates available for a given Column
getFilterPredicateDefsForColumnId(columnId)Gets all Filter Predicates available for a given ColumnId
getFilterState()Retrieves Filter section from Adaptable State
hideQuickFilterBar()Hides Quick Filter bar
isQuickFilterAvailable()Whether Quick Filter is available for use
isQuickFilterVisible()Whether Quick Filter Form is currently visible
setColumnFilter(columnFilters)Sets Column Filters - will replace filters for existing column and leave other column filters in place
setSystemFilters(systemFilters)Sets System Filters to be used
showQuickFilterBar()Makes Quick Filter Bar appear

See API documentation for full details of all available functions with lists of parameters

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