Flashing Cell API

Provides run-time access to the Flashing Cell function and Flashing Cell State

Flashing Cell API Methods

changeFlashingCellDownColour(flashingCell, colour)Changes the Down Colour for a Flashing Cell
changeFlashingCellDuration(flashingCell, duration)Changes the Duration for a Flashing Cell
changeFlashingCellUpColour(flashingCell, colour)Changes the Up Colour for a Flashing Cell
editFlashingCell(flashingCell)Edits (replaces) existing FlashingCell
getAllFlashingCell()Gets all Flashing Cell objects in State
getAllLiveFlashingCell()Gets all Live Flashing Cells in State
getDefaultFlashingCellDownColour()Gets default Flashing Cell Down Colour
getDefaultFlashingCellDuration()Gets default Flashing Cell Duration
getDefaultFlashingCellUpColour()Gets default Flashing Cell Up Colour
getFlashingCellForColumn(colId)Gets the Flashing Cell for a ColumnId
getFlashingCellState()Retrieves Flashing Cell section from State
getLiveFlashingCellForColumn(colId)Gets the LIVE Flashing Cell for a ColumnId
setDefaultDownColour(colour)Sets the Default Down Colour
setDefaultDuration(duration)Sets the Default Duration
setDefaultUpColour(colour)Sets the Default Up Colour
showFlashingCellPopup()Opens the Flashing Cell popup screen

See API documentation for full details of all available functions with lists of parameters

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