Free Text Column API

Provides run-time access to the Free Text Column function and Free Text Column State.

Adding Stored Values

There are a few different methods to allow you to add Stored Values to a FreeText Column which cater for different use cases.

The most commonly used, and useful, of these functions is addStoredValuesToFreeTextColumn.

It receives a ColumnId, a list of Stored Values and a replaceAction property which can be one of 3 values:

  • All - replaces ALL existing Stored Values for the Column with the new ones even if there are no clashes
  • Conflicting - adds all given stored values and replaces any existing ones which clash with the new set
  • None - only adds the stored values where there are no existing entries with the same primary key

Free Text Column API Methods

addEditFreeTextColumnStoredValue(freeTextColumn, storedValue)Adds FreeTextStoredValue for a FreeTextColumn (replaces existing one if exists)
addFreeTextColumn(freeTextColumn)Adds new FreeTextColumn to Adaptable State
addStoredValuesToFreeTextColumn(columnId, storedValues, replaceAction)Adds Stored Values to Existing FreeTextColumn
createFreeTextColumn(param)Creates new FreeTextColumn and adds it to Adaptable State
deleteFreeTextColumn(columnId)Deletes existing FreeTextColumn from Adaptable State
editFreeTextColumn(freeTextColumn)Edits existing FreeTextColumn in Adaptable State
getAllFreeTextColumn()Gets all FreeTextColumns in Adaptable State
getFreeTextColumnById(columnId)Retrieves FreeTextColumn for given ColumnId
getFreeTextColumnState()Retrieves FreeTextColumn section of Adaptable State
setFreeTextColumns(freeTextColumns)Sets all FreeTextColumns in Adaptable State
showFreeTextColumnPopup()Opens FreeTextColumn popup screen

See API documentation for full details of all available functions with lists of parameters

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