Grid API

Provides access to important elements of the actual grid in AdapTable like sorting, selected cells etc.

Setting Grid Data

There are 2 methods that allow the entire Grid to be repopulated.

Both can receive any data from any datasource that is suitable for the underlying grid.

  • setGridData(data: any): void


    Typically used after SearchChangedEvent, when filtered data from server is sent bback to AdapTable

  • loadGridData(data: any): void


    Designed for first time use; identical to setGridData but Adaptable will reload Layout (useful if there are opened row groups)

Changing Grid Data

The Grid API provides a set of useful functions to add / edit / delete rows in AdapTable:

  • addGridData(dataRows: any[], config?: DataUpdateConfig): void;
  • updateGridData(dataRows: any[], config?: DataUpdateConfig): void;
  • deleteGridData(dataRows: any[], config?: DataUpdateConfig): void;

These functions work directly on the data set in the underlying Grid; this means that they will not first perform Cell Validation (for that you use setCellValue or setGriddCell).

Each of these takes an optional DataUpdateConfig property defined as follows:

callbackCallback function to run when the batch successfully updates
runAsyncWhether data should be updated aysnchoronously

These methods ultimately call ag-Grid applyTransaction (or applyTransactionAsync if 'runAsync' has been set) if using ag-grid as Vendor Grid.

Changing Cell Values

The Grid API has a function which enables you to update a single cell value:

  • setCellValue(columnId, newValue, primaryKeyValue, forceFilter): void;

The function requires the Column's Id and Row's PrimaryKeyValue, together with the new value.

There is also an option to refilter the grid automatically after the cell is updated (the default is false).


Unlike the changing Grid Data methods above, this will first trigger any Cell Validation or Server Validation and only be applied if they are both successful.

Destroying the Grid

There is a useful destroy() method which will destroy the current AdapTable instance.

This only needs to be used when using AdapTable 'Core' version.


The React and Angular wrappers automatically call this as lifecycle method when component is destroyed

Grid API Methods

addGridData(dataRows, config)Adds rows to Adaptable (and underlying grid)
applyGridFiltering()Applies current Filtering and Searching in AdapTable
clearGridFiltering()Removes all current Filters and Searches in AdapTable
closeAllRowGroups()Close all open groups in Row Grouping
deleteGridData(dataRows, config)Deletes rows from Adaptable (and underlying grid)
destroy()Destroys current AdapTable instance
expandAllRowGroups()Expands all closed groups in Row Grouping
expandRowGroupsForValues(columnValues)Expands Row Groups that contain given keys
fireGridDataChangedEvent(dataChangedInfo)Fires Grid Data Changed Event - when any data in vendor grid data set has changed
fireSearchChangedEvent(searchChangedTrigger, searchAtDate)Fires Search Changed Event - typically used to enable server searching and filtering
getCellDisplayValue(primaryKeyValue, columnId)Retrieves Display Value for a given cell
getCellNormalisedValue(primaryKeyValue, columnId)Retrieves Normalised Value for a given cell
getCellRawValue(primaryKeyValue, columnId)Retrieves Raw Value for a given cell
getColumnSortForColumn(columnId)Retrieves ColumnSort for a given Column
getColumnSorts()Returns Column Sort information in Adaptable
getDisplayValueFromRowNode(rowwNode, columnId)Retrieves Raw Value for Cell in given Row and Column
getExpandRowGroupsKeys()Get keys for any open rows in Row Grouping
getFirstRowNode()Retrieves the first Row Node in AdapTable
getGridCellFromRowNode(rowwNode, columnId)Retrieves Cell in given Row and Column
getGridState()Returns Grid section from Adaptable State
getNormalisedValueFromRowNode(rowwNode, columnId)Retrieves Normalised Value for Cell in given Row and Column
getPrimaryKeyValueForRowNode(rowNode)Returns the Primary Kev Value for a given Row Node
getRawValueFromRowNode(rowwNode, columnId)Retrieves Display Value for Cell in given Row and Column
getRowNodeForPrimaryKey(primaryKeyValue)Retrieves Row Node that contains given Primary Key
getRowNodesForPrimaryKeys(primaryKeyValues)Retrieves Row Nodes that contain given Primary Keys
getSelectedCellInfo()Returns all current Selected Cells in AdapTable
getSelectedRowInfo()Returns all current Selected Rows in AdapTable
getVendorGrid()Returns underlying Vendor Grid (object passed into Adaptable Options at start-up)
hideFilterForm()Hides the AdapTable Filter Form
highlightCell(cellHighlightInfo)Highlights a Cell in AdapTable
isGridGroupable()Whether AdapTable instance can be Row Grouped
isGridPivotable()Whether AdapTable instance can be pivoted
isGridRowGrouped()Whether Grid is currently showing Row Groups
isGroupRowNode(rowNode)Whether given Row Node is a Row Group
jumpToCell(primaryKeyValue, columnId)Grid will jump to cell in a given Row and Column
jumpToColumn(columnId)Grid will jump to Column that has given ColumnId
jumpToRow(primaryKeyValue)Grid will jump to Row containing given Primary Kev Value
loadGridData(data)Loads grid with given data
redrawGrid()Redraws AdapTable (expensive operation so use sparingly)
refreshCells(rowNodes, columnIds)Refresh Cells in AdapTable
selectNode(rowNode)Selects given Row Node in AdapTable
selectNodes(rowNodes)Selects given Row Nodes in AdapTable
setCellValue(columnId, newValue, primaryKeyValue, forceFilter)Updates cell in Adaptable (first performs Cell & Server Validation)
setColumnSorts(columnSorts)Sets Column Sorts in Grid
setGridData(data)Repopulates grid with given data
sortAdaptable(columnSorts)Sorts AdapTable using given Column Sorts
unhighlightAllCells()Unhighlights all highlighted Cells in AdapTable
unhighlightCell(cellHighlightInfo)Unhighlights a Cell in AdapTable
updateGridData(dataRows, config)Updates Adaptable (and underlying grid) with rows that have changed

See API documentation for full details of all available functions with lists of parameters