Percent Bar API

Provides run-time access to the Percent Bar function and associated Percent Bar State

Percent Bar API Methods

addPercentBar(percentBar)Adds new Percent Bar to Adaptable State
deletePercentBar(columnId)Deletes Percent Bar from Adaptable State
editPercentBar(percentBar)Edits (replaces) existing Percent Bar
editPercentBarShowValue(showValue, columnId)Whether Percent Bar additionally displays cell's value
getAllPercentBar()Retrieves all Percent Bars in Adaptable State
getPercentBarByColumn(columnId)Retrieves Percent Bar for given column
getPercentBarMaxValue(percentBar, node)Gets Maximum Value for a Node to show in Percent Bar
getPercentBarMinValue(percentBar, node)Gets Minimum Value for a Node to show in Percent Bar
getPercentBarState()Retrieves Percent Bar section from Adaptable State
showPercentBarPopup()Opens Percent Bar popup screen

See API documentation for full details of all available functions with lists of parameters

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