Predicate API

Series of methods to manage the Adaptable Predicate, which is used in multiple functions in AdapTable.


Most of these methods are for internal use

Predicate API Methods

getCustomPredicateDefById(predicateId)Gets Predicate Definition provided by users for given Id
getCustomPredicateDefs()* Returns Predicate Definitions provided by users
getPredicateDefById(predicateId)Gets the Predicate Definition for a given Id
getPredicateDefs()Returns all current Predicate Definitions
getPredicateDefsByFunctionScope(functionScope)Retrieves all Predicate Definitions for given Function Scope
getSystemPredicateDefById(predicateId)Gets Predicate Definition provided by AdapTable for given Id
getSystemPredicateDefs()Returns Predicate Definitions provided by AdapTable
handlePredicate(predicate, params, defaultReturn)Main Handler function for a Predicate Definition - used by Adaptable Parser
isValidPredicate(predicate)Checks whether a given Predicate Definition is valid
predicateToString(predicate)Stringifies a given Predicate Definition

See API documentation for full details of all available functions with lists of parameters