Query API

Provides run-time access to the Query function and Query State

The Query wraps an Adaptable Expression.

Query API Methods

clearCurrentQuery()Clears the Current Query
getAllSharedQuery()Gets all Shared Queries in Adaptable State
getASTForQuery(query)Runs the AST that the AdapTable parser creates for query - useful when evaluating on the server
getColumnsFromQueryObject(queryObject)Returns all Columns referenced in a Query
getCurrentQuery()Retuns the Current Query
getExpressionForSharedQueryId(sharedQueryId)Rerieves the Expression in Shared Query object for given Id
getQueryableColumnIds()Returns all columns that can be used in a Query
getQueryState()Retrieves Shared Query section from Adaptable State
getSharedQueryById(sharedQueryId)Retrieves Shared Query from State with given Id
isSharedQuery(query)Whether given Query is Shared in State
isValidQuery(query)Whether query expression is valid
queryObjectToString(queryObject)Returns String representation of a Query Object
setCurrentQuery(query)Set a Query as Current Query
showQueryPopup()Opens Shared Query popup screen

See API documentation for full details of all available functions with lists of parameters

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