System Status API

Provides access to the System Status function and System Status state.


    • Additionally it will colour, as appropriate, the SystemStatus button (which is an option to display in the Dashboard)
    • The (optional) statusFurtherInformation param allows further details to be provided if required.
  • The (optional) statusFurtherInformation param allows further details to be provided if required. */ setErrorSystemStatus(statusMessage: string, statusFurtherInformation?: string): void;

System Status API Methods

clearSystemStatus()Clears current System Status message
deleteAllSystemStatusMessages()Deletes all System Status messages - will show Default
fireSystemStatusMessageChangedEvent(systemStatusMessageInfo)Fires SystemStatusMessageChanged Event
getCurrentSystemStatusMessageInfo()Retrieves current System Status Message
getSystemStatusState()Retrieves System Status section from Adaptable State
setDefaultMessage()Sets System Status message to be default Message, Type and Information
setErrorSystemStatus(statusMessage, furtherInformation)Sets an Error System Status Message
setInfoSystemStatus(statusMessage, furtherInformation)Sets an Info System Status Message
setSuccessSystemStatus(statusMessage, furtherInformation)Sets a Success System Status Message
setSystemStatus(statusMessage, messageType, statusFurtherInformation)Sets a new System Status message; appears in System Status toolbar, tool panel (and popup).
setWarningSystemStatus(statusMessage, furtherInformation)Sets a Warning System Status Message
showSystemStatusPopup()Opens System Status popup

See API documentation for full details of all available functions with lists of parameters

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