User Interface API

Series of functions to manage elements of the User Interface in AdapTable.

User Interface API Methods

addCheckboxColumn(columnId)Makes given column display as Checkbox
addColorsToPalette(colorPalette)Adds extra colours to the Colour Palette
addContextMenuItem(userMenuItem)Adds menu item to Context Menu - note: this is not persisted to State
addPermittedValuesItem(permittedValuesItem)Adds PermittedValuesItem
addStyleClassNames(styleClassNames)Adds StyleClass names to User Interface State; can be used in functions like Conditional Style instead of creating a Style object
clearRowStyles()Clears an Row Styles from User Interface State
createPermittedValuesItem(scope, permittedValues)Creates (i.e. replaces) Permitted Values for a given Scope
deleteCheckboxColumn(columnId)Given column will no longer display as Checkbox
deletePermittedValuesItem(permittedValuesItem)Deletes given PermittedValuesItem from state (so returns to getting distinct values)
fireCheckboxColumnClickedEvent(clickedInfo)Publishes the CheckboxColumnClickedEvent - when the checkbox in an Checkbox Column is clicked
getAllCheckboxColumn()Returns all Checkbox Column objects from Checkbox Column State
getAllEditLookUpItems()Retrieves EditLookUpItems from User Interface State
getAllPermittedValuesItems()Retrieves PermittedValuesItems section from User Interface state
getCheckBoxColumnByColumnId(columnId)Returns a Checkbox column by id
getColorPalette()Retrieves Color Palette currently being used
getEditLookUpItemForColumn(columnId)Retrieves EditLookUpItems for a given Column
getEditLookUpValuesForEditLookUpItem(editLookUpItem, columnId)Retrieves actual Look Up Values from an EditLookUpItem
getPermittedValuesForColumn(column)Retrieves the Permitted Values for a given Column
getUserInterfaceState()Retrieves User Interface section from Adaptable State
isCheckBoxColumn(columnId)Whether given column is a (boolean) checkbox column
setColorPalette(colorPalette)Sets Color Palette - used in Style functions like Conditional Style, Format Column etc.
setRowStyles(rowStyles)Sets and applies the given Row Styles

See API documentation for full details of all available functions with lists of parameters