Adaptable Ready Event

This is an Adaptable Event that is fired by AdapTable after it is initialised.


It is a good place to safely make any changes to AdapTable state or config as it will now have been loaded


adaptableApiAdaptable API object used for runtime programmatic access to AdapTable
vendorGridInstance of the underlying vendor grid (e.g. for AG Grid its the GridOptions object)

The AdaptableReadyInfo class which it provides contains 2 useful properties:

  • adaptableApi: The Adaptable Api which provides run time access to all methods, functionality and events in AdapTable (and is available in all AdapTable Events)

  • vendorGrid: The instance of whichever underlying vendor grid being used (e.g. GridOptions for AG Grid)


    The vendorGrid property returned here should be used when accessing the underlying DataGrid control.


    This is particularly the case for 'core' (i.e. vanilla) AdapTable users as the vendorGrid object that is provided in Adaptable Options is updated by the AdapTable constructor

Event Subscription

Subscribing to the Event is done the same as with all Adaptable Events:

api.eventApi.on('AdaptableReady', (eventInfo: AdaptableReadyInfo) => {
// do something with the info

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