Flashing Alert Fired Event

An Adaptable Event which fires whenever a Flashing Alert is triggered in AdapTable.

Includes the Flashing Alert which was fired.


flashingAlertFlashingAlert which has been fired

The flashingAlert property is of object type AdaptableFlashingAlert defined as follows:

dataChangedInfoData change which triggered the FlashingAlert
directionDirection of the change: 'up', 'down' or 'neutral'
flashColumnIdsColumn Ids that are flashing
flashingAlertDefinitionRule that caused the FlashingAlert to fire
flashTargetWhat will flash (e.g. Cell, Row)
rowPrimaryKeyPrimary Key Value of Row which is flashing

Event Subscription

Subscribing to the Event is done the same as with all Adaptable Events:

api.eventApi.on('FlashingAlertFired', (eventInfo: FlashingAlertFiredInfo) => {
// do something with the info

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