Live Data Changed Event

An Adaptable Event which fires when any LiveData is being used by AdapTable (i.e. a report is being sent to Excel via Glue42 or OpenFin, or data is being sent to ipushpull).

The event also fires when a partner which uses Live Data is connected or disconnected, or a LiveReport is started, stopped or updated.

LiveDataChangedInfo Properties

LiveDataTriggerWhat triggered the event to fire
LiveReportThe Report which is currently live - only used if the Trigger is LiveData related
ReportDestinationWhich Adaptable partner is the export destination for the live data

Event Subscription

adaptableApi.eventApi.on('LiveDataChanged', (eventArgs: LiveDataChangedEventArgs) => {
const liveDataChangedEventData: LiveDataChangedEventData=[0];
const liveDataChangedInfo: LiveDataChangedInfo =;
if (liveDataChangedInfo.LiveDataTrigger === 'LiveDataStarted') {
// do something...

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