Selection Changed Event

An Adaptable Event which is fired whenever the cell / row selection in the Grid changes.


Includes full details of all Selected Cells and Rows (if the latter has been activated).

Event Info Properties

selectedCellInfoDetails of cells currently selected in the Grid
selectedRowInfoDetails of rows currently selected in the Grid

Selected Cells

The Selected Cell Info class contains 2 arrays

  • Columns - This is an array of Adaptable Column


    This is helpful if you want to see if the Column is ReadOnly or a spcecial type of Column

  • GridCells - The Grid Cell class provides full information about the Selected Cell. Its properties are:

columnIdColumn in which cell is situtated
displayValueDisplay value of cell (e.g. if formatted)
normalisedValueNormalised value of cell
primaryKeyValuePrimary Key column's value in row - how Adaptable locates the cell
rawValueActual raw value of cell

Selected Rows

The Selected Row Info contains an array of Grid Row.

This provides full information about the selected row including its underlying data:

primaryKeyValuePrimary Key column's value for Row - how Adaptable locates a cell
rowDataActual data in the Row
rowInfoObject which provides 'meta data' about the Row
rowNodeRow Node object for the Row in underlying vendor DataGrid