AdapTable Functions Overview

Most of the functionality in AdapTable is organised through 'AdaptableFunctions'.

A Function is essentially a set of discrete functionality e.g. 'CustomSort', 'Filter', 'SmartEdit' etc. which users will interact with as required.


Many AdapTableFunctions contain an array of AdaptableObjects that users can create, edit or delete (if their Entitlements allow), e.g. ConditionalStyle, PercentBars etc.


Use Entitlements to set Functions you dont need to 'Hidden' or don't want users to touch to 'ReadOnly'

AdapTable Functions

Action ColumnCreates a Column with a button that when clicked performs an action
AlertGet notified when things happen in Adaptable that you need to know about
ApplicationStore custom data in AdapTable state via Application Data Entries
Bulk UpdateUpdate multiple cell simultaneously with a new or existing value
Calculated ColumnCreate bespoke columns whose cell value is derived dynamically from an Expression
CalendarSet Working Days using your local calendar
Cell SummarySee summary information on a group of cells using multiple summary operations
Cell ValidationCreate custom validation rules for when cells are edited in AdapTable
Conditional StyleStyle columns and rows dynamically based on rules and cell values
Custom SortProvide bespoke sorting information for Columns (in place of alphabetical sorting)
Data SourceUpdate the entire data set in AdapTable using pre-populated data sources
ExportExport data from the Grid to numerous locations in numerous formats
FilterAdvanced filtering capability allows users to see precisely the data they want
Flashing CellFlash cells to incdicate they have changed value - and in which direction
Format ColumnCreate a column style, display format or cell alignment
FreeText ColumnDynamic column showing custom content (stored in state and not with grid data)
Gradient ColumnRenders a cell showing the contents coloured according to a custom gradient
Grid InfoDisplay information about the Grid, the Options selected and all columns
LayoutNamed sets of column visibility, order, groupings, aggregation, pivots etc.
Percent BarRenders a column showing it filled according to contents as % of total value
Plus MinusConfigure how a cell value will edit when the + or - keys are pressed
QueryRun real-time text-based queries using a wealth of powerful functions and operators
Quick SearchQuickly highlight all cells in the grid that contain matching query text
ReminderConfigure reminders (alerts) to popup with a a message at scheduled times
ScheduleSchedule AdapTable functions to run at times of your choosing (e.g. run reports)
ShortcutSet up rules so cells update mathematically when keys are pressed in numeric cells
Smart EditEdit groups of numeric cells using mathematical operations (e.g. Multiply by 10)
State ManagementManages Adaptable State, User State and Predefined Config
System StatusProvide messages about the Status of your application
ThemeTheme AdapTable with a colour configuration set of your choosing
Updated RowVisually indicate when the contents of a row has changed

Functions UI

There are numerous ways in which end-Users can interact with AdapTable Functions in the AdapTable UI:

  • Most AdapTableFunctions have a dedicated Popup Screen. AdapTableFunctions that contain an array of items (e.g. ConditionalStyle) will typically display these in a table with buttons to add / edit. These items are created / edited via a Wizard which provides step-by-step way to edit the sometimes complex objects that can be created.

    AdapTableFunctions which perform actions (e.g SmartEdit, BulkUpdate) will contain UI controls to allow the AdapTableFunction to be used.

  • Some AdapTableFunctions provide Dashboard Toolbars which offer easy access to commonly used AdapTable Functions e.g. Layouts, Reports, Quick Search.

  • AdapTable Functions can also provide ToolPanels to be hosted in the AdapTable ToolPanel (at the side of the grid). Like toolbars, these provide ready access to common functionality (the same AdapTableFunctions generally provide both).

  • Many AdapTableFunctions also provide Menu Entries for both the Column Menu (available through clicking a Column Header) and Context Menu (available through right-clicking on a grid cell, or group of cells).

This table lists all the AdapTableFunctions and which UI elements they support.

AdapTable Functions UI Components

AdaptableFunctionWizardToolbarTool PanelColumn MenuContext Menu
Action ColumnNoNoNoNoNo
Bulk UpdateNoYesYesNoYes
Calculated ColumnYesNoNoYesNo
Cell SummaryNoYesYesNoYes
Cell ValidationYesNoNoYesNo
Conditional StyleYesNoNoYesNo
Custom SortYesNoNoYesNo
Data SourceYesYesYesNoNo
Flashing CellNoNoNoYesNo
Format ColumnYesNoNoYesNo
FreeText ColumnYesNoNoYesNo
Gradient ColumnYesNoNoYesYes
Grid InfoNoNoNoYesYes
Percent BarYesNoNoYesYes
Plus MinusYesNoNoYesNo
Quick SearchNoYesYesNoNo
Smart EditNoYesYesNoYes
System StatusNoYesYesYesYes
Updated RowNoNoNoYesYes

Plugin-based Functions

Adaptable FunctionWizardToolbarTool PanelColumn MenuContext Menu


All AdapTableFunctions are subject to Entitlements (aka permissions).

This means that end-users will only be able to access a AdapTableFunction according to whether it has been given an Entitlement of Full, ReadOnly or Hidden.

Predefined Config / State

Design-time Users are able to pre-populate AdapTable with Predefined Config - this is the AdapTable State that will be available when the application first loads.

Nearly every AdapTableFunction has its own section / property in PredefinedConfig which will be the same as the FunctionName (e.g. 'CustomSort').


There are many sections in Predefined Config most which are AdapTableFunction-related.

Function Name

Each AdapTable Function has a FunctionName property.

This is a strongly-typed object called AdaptableFunctionName.


This allows you to easily reference Adaptable Functions when creating Predefined Config as they will appear in a dropdown as you type.

An Adaptable Function also a FriendlyName property which is how the Function is referred to in AdapTable menus and toolbars.


The Friendly Name can be changed via the alternativeFunctionNames property in General Options


Can we hide particular Functions from our users as they are not relevant (i.e. we are a readonly grid so don't require Smart Edit or Shortcuts Functions)?

Yes, you can use the Entitlements section of Predefined Config to set which Functions are available to each user, and whether they are hidden, editable or readonly.

Do you plan to add more Functions?

Yes, we continue to add more Functions all the time, primarily in response to suggestions and ideas submitted by our Users.

Can I change the Name of the Dashboard Function as we already have a Dashboard section in our application?

Yes, use the the alternativeFunctionNames property in General Options which allows you provide an alternative name for an Adaptable Function and will used whenever the Function name is displayed.