Plus Minus

The Plus / Minus Function enables the creation of Nudge Rules which react to the '+' or '-' keys being pressed in numeric cells.


AdapTable allows you to use the + and - keys on the keyboard to increment or decrement the value of numerical cells in those columns which you have identified as having a nudge value.

Plus Minus Rules

A Plus / Minus Rule operates on a Column.

It can be one of 2 kinds:

  • Default Nudge Value - Contains the nudge value to be used when there are no Custom Rules and will always apply regardless of the other data in the Row.


    There can only be one Default Nudge Value for a column. Attempting to add a second, will trigger a warning together with the option to override the existing Default Nudge Value.

  • Custom Plus / Minus Rules - the Nudge Value amount for each cell will vary, depending on the values in other cells in the row using an Expression.


    A custom Nudge value has precedence over a default Nudge Value for a column, so any bespoke Nudge Values will get used first.

UI Elements

Plus/Minus includes the following UI Elements:

  • Popup - Shows a list of existing Plus / Minus rules with a Delete button. Plus an Add button to start the Shortcut Wizard which facilitates the creation and editing of Plus / Minus rules.

  • Column Menu - Numeric columns have a Create Plus Minus Rule Menu Item which starts the Plus / Minus wizard


  • Full: Everything is available to the User - they can create and edit Plus / Minus rules

  • Hidden: Everything is hidden from the User

  • ReadOnly: Users can use pre-existing Plus / Minus rules but not create or edit their own

Plus Minus Predefined Config

In Plus Minus Predefined Config it is possible to define multiple Plus Minus Rules.

export default {
PlusMinus: {
PlusMinusRules: [
ColumnId: 'BidOfferSpread',
IsDefaultNudge: true,
NudgeValue: 1,
ColumnId: 'BidOfferSpread',
IsDefaultNudge: false,
NudgeValue: 0.5,
Expression: '[Notional] > 10000000',
} as PredefinedConfig;

In this example we create 2 Plus Minus rules for the 'BidOfferSpread' column:

  • A default nudge value of 1 for whenever the Column is nudged (and any Expressions fail)
  • A custom nudge value of 0.5 to be applied if the 'Notional' column in the row has a value > 10000000 (this uses an Expression)


Which takes precedence - the defualt column nudge value or a custom rule?

If there is a custom nudge value (and the condition in the Expression is met) then that will take precedence over the column nudge value.

Can I use Plus/Minus across multiple cells simultaneously?

Yes, so long as all the highlighted cells are in the same column. AdapTable will automatically apply the correct nudge value for each cell in the selection.

Is there a default Nudge Value for AdapTable like in the .NET edition?

No, this is one of the few changes we have made between the 2 editions. We no longer allow you to a set a default nudge value for AdapTable, as we found that it rarely made sense, and users preferred to 'opt in' and choose to make a column have a nudge value, rather than it having one by default.

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