Updated Row

The Updated Row Function allows users to specify how rows will appear visually when the contents of a cell in the row changes.

It enables these rows to be easily spotted by Users.


The function is designed for those use cases when the grid wil update fairly irregularly so that users have the opportunity see the update.

For faster updates which immediately clear, use the Flashing Cell Function.

Managing Updated Rows

The Updated Rows function has a number of properties to allow it to be configured to meet user requirements.

Colouring Updated Rows

There are 3 colour settings that will be used to colour cells in an Updated Row:

  • Up - defaults to Green

  • Down - defaults to Red

  • Neutral - defaults to Gray


These can be set at either design-time in Predefined Config or at run-time through the UI


To get AdapTable to scroll down to a newly added Updated Row set JumpToRow in Predefined Config

Clearing Updated Rows

Updated Rows will display with the new colour until they are explicitly cleared by the User.

This can be done in two ways:

  • Clicking the 'Clear Updated Row' menu item in the Context Menu.


    This option will only appear in cells in Updated Rows and will clear just that Updated Row.

  • Clicking the 'Clear Updated Rows' option in the Column Header Menu.


    This option will only appear if there are Updated Rows and will clear all Updated Rows.

Setting Maximum Visible Rows

By default an unlimited number of Updated Rows can be displayed.

The MaxUpdatedRowsInStore property in Predefined Config allows a maximum number to be set.


This is useful for circumstances where you might only want to see the last 3 updates, for example


When this limit is reached, the oldest Updated Row is removed each time a new one needs to be displayed.

UI Elements

Updated Row includes the following UI Elements:

  • Popup - Allows you to turn on Updated Rows and set the other properties associated with the function.

  • Column Menu - Clear Updated Rows Menu Item removes any Updated Rows that have been created.

  • Context Menu - Clear Updated Row Menu Item removes the Updated Row style for that row (only appears in rows which have been updated)


Updated Rows Entitlement Rules:

  • Full: Everything is available to the User

  • Hidden: Everything is hidden from the User

  • ReadOnly: N/A

Updated Row State

Updated Row Predefined Config is composed as follows:

DownColorDefault colour to use when numeric or date cell that triggered the update had down data changered
DurationHow long Updated Row will show colour; not currently used, so value is 'Always' - row updates remain in place until cleared
EnableUpdatedRowEnables the Updated Row function so rows where data changes are highlightedfalse
JumpToRowAdaptable will jump to display updated rowfalse
MaxUpdatedRowsInStoreMaximum number of updated rows to hold in State - and therefore to displayInfinity
NeutralColorDefault colour to use when cell that triggered the update had no directional data changegray
UpColorDefault colour to use when numeric or date cell that triggered the update had up data changegreen

Updated Row Config Example

export default {
UpdatedRow: {
EnableUpdatedRow: true,
JumpToRow: true,
UpColor: '#32CD32', // lime green
DownColor: '#FFA500', // orange
NeutralColor: '#FFFF00', // yellow
} as PredefinedConfig;

Updated Row API

addUpdatedRowInfo(updatedRowInfo)Adds new Updated Row Info to State
deleteAllUpdatedRowInfo()Deletes all updated rows so no rows have their back colour displayed differently
deleteUpdatedRowInfo(updatedRowInfo)Deletes (clears) an Updated Row Info - so the row is no longer styled differently
getUpdatedRowState()Retrieves Updated Row section from Adaptable State
isUpdatedRowEnabled()Whether Updated Row function is enabled
jumpToRowDisable()Disables the 'Jump To Row' option so that Adaptable will not update its scroll position
jumpToRowEnable()Enables 'Jump To Row' option where Adaptable updates its scroll position to ensure the Updated Row is visible
setDownColor(downColor)Set Colour for when cell data changes upwards in numeric or data columns
setNeutralColor(neutralColor)Set 'No Change' Color i.e. when data update was neither up nor down
setUpColor(upColor)Set Colour for when cell data changes upwards in numeric or data columns
updatedRowDisable()Disables the Updated Row function.
updatedRowEnable()Enables the Updated Row function


How do I clear an Updated Row?

You can do it in 2 ways:

  • Clear a single Updated Row by clicking Clear Updated Row in the Context Menu

  • Clear all Updated Rows by clicking Clear Updated Rows in the Column Header Menu

Is there a way to make Updated Rows disappear automatically?

Not at the moment but that will change in a forthcoming version.

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