State Management

Provides options for managing and retrieving State in AdapTable.

UI Elements

The State Management Popup contains 3 elements:

  • Clear User State button - removes all current User state and reloads the initial Predefined Config

  • Load Predefined Config button - allows a JSON file to be selected and the loaded, which will be treated as new Predefined Config

  • Export State dropdowns - exports 3 types of state:

    • All State
    • User State
    • Predefined Config

    to all of 3 destinations:

    • a JSON file
    • clipboard
    • console


State Management follows these Entitlement Rules:

  • Full: Everything is available to the User - they can use all buttons and dropdowns

  • Hidden: Everything is hidden from the User

  • ReadOnly: The Delete State button is disabled but the retrieve State dropdowns operate