System Status

The System Status Module keeps run-time users updated with information about their application.

Status Types

The Module displays a StatusMessage has been given a StatusType that has an associated colour.


The colours used for each Status Type can be changed through settting CSS Variables

The 4 Status Types and their associated default colours are:

  • Info (Blue)

  • Success (Green)

  • Warning (Amber)

  • Error (Red)

Displaying System Status Message

A System Status message can be displayed in 5 ways:


In addition, AdapTable will automatically fire the SystemStatusMessageDisplayed Event whenever the System Status message changes

System Status Options

The System Status Options section of Adaptable Options contains the following:

maxMessagesInStoreHow many System Status Messages to hold in State; when limit is reached, oldest Message is removed100
showMessageAsAlertDisplay an Alert when a System Status message is setfalse


The System Status API contains the following methods:

deleteAllSystemStatusMessages()Deletes all System Status messages
fireSystemStatusMessageDisplayedEvent(systemStatusMessageInfo)Fires SystemStatusMessageDisplayed Event
getCurrentSystemStatusMessageInfo()Retrieves current System Status Message
setErrorSystemStatus(statusMessage, furtherInformation)Sets an Error System Status Message
setInfoSystemStatus(statusMessage, furtherInformation)Sets an Info System Status Message
setSuccessSystemStatus(statusMessage, furtherInformation)Sets a Success System Status Message
setSystemStatus(statusMessage, messageType, statusFurtherInformation)Sets a new System Status message; appears in System Status toolbar, tool panel (and popup).
setWarningSystemStatus(statusMessage, furtherInformation)Sets a Warning System Status Message
showSystemStatusPopup()Opens System Status popup

UI Elements

System Status includes the following UI Elements:

  • Popup - Shows the all the System Status messages which have been set, together with a clear button for the most recent one. The message is coloured in line with the Message Type.

  • Toolbar - Same as Popup above.

  • Tool Panel - Same as Toolbar above.

  • Column Menu - Show System Status Column Menu Item opens the System Status popup.

  • Context Menu - Show System Status Context Menu Item opens the System Status popup.


In addition the Status System Module Button in the Dashboard will display with the colour associated with the current Status Type.


System Status Entitlement Rules:

  • Full: System Status messages can be read and cleared

  • Hidden: Everything is hidden from the User

  • ReadOnly: n/a


Can I choose where System Status messages are displayed (in the same way as Alerts)?

Yes, to an extent. The System Status messsage will always display in the Toolbar and ToolPanel but you can additionally provide a Div (in Container Options) where it will display.

Alternatively you can listen to the SystemStatusMessageDisplayed Event and display messages where required.

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