AdapTable Options Overview

Adaptable Options is a large group of property options designed to help developers set up AdapTable at design time so that it fits their precise requirements.

It provides the underlying Vendor Grid, Predefined Config and other information required to ensure a full, rich user experience.


AdapTable Options contains behaviour and functionality that will never change at run-time.

Predefined Config contains objects that users can amend and delete through the AdapTable UI.


AdaptableOptions is the only object created that AdapTable requires to initialise and run; it is set up by developers at design-time and passed into the AdapTable constructor at startup.

The AdaptableOptions class consists of a few 'base' properties and a number of xxxOptions properties which are themselves collections of related properties (e.g. Search, Layout).


Typically you will only need to populate a few of the properties in AdaptableOptions, and just a few properties in the xxxOptions classes.


Any property that is not supplied by the user when populating the object, will use the default value which is the most sensible and popular option.


Base OptionsMost important options e.g. Predefined Config, AdaptableId & Vendor Grid
Alert OptionsOptions relating to Alerts
Container OptionsProperties that set where divs and components are located
Dashboard OptionsOptions for managing the Dashboard in AdapTable
Edit OptionsEditing (and server-editing) related options
Entitlements OptionsManages Module Entitlements in AdapTable
Export OptionsExporting and Report related Options
General OptionsGeneral set of Options (e.g. for managing Primary Keys
Layout OptionsLayout (Views) related Options
Menu OptionsOptions for managing Adaptable Column and Context Menus
Search OptionsSearch, Filter & Query related options (e.g. for managing Server searching)
State OptionsSeries of functions to allow you to manage AdapTable State
System Status OptionsProperties for displaying System Status Messages
Team Sharing OptionsEnables 'Team Sharing' of AdapTable objects among colleagues
ToolPanel OptionsManage the AdapTable ToolPanel Component (that appears on right of grid)
User Interface OptionsUser Interface related functions (e.g. tool panels, toolbars)
Custom Predicate DefCustom predicates provided by devs (e.g. for filters, alerts etc.)

Plugin Options

These options are used by the AdapTable plugins (e.g. charting, finance)

OptionWhere Used
Chart OptionsChart plugin
ipushpull Plugin Optionsipushpull plugin
Glue42 Plugin OptionsGlue42 plugin
OpenFin Plugin OptionsOpenFin plugin
Finsemble Plugin OptionsFinsemble plugin
Master Detail Plugin OptionsMaster Detail plugin


Adaptable Options includes an Entitlements section, allowing developers to stipulate which AdapTable Modules users are allowed to access.

Entitlements can be set to 'Full', 'Hidden' or 'ReadOnly' and a default Entitlement can be provided.


Adaptable Options also includes a Menus section, where both the Column and Context menus can be configured.

Team Sharing

Adaptable Options is where Team Sharing is configured and managed, that allows objects to be shared between colleagues.

State Management

Although, by default, AdapTable saves user state to local config, in practice you will almost certainly want to use the State Options to configure Remote State Management.

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