AdapTable Options Overview

Adaptable Options is a large group of property options designed to help developers set up AdapTable at design time so that it fits their precise requirements.

It provides the Vendor Grid, Predefined Config and other information required to ensure a full, rich user experience.


This is the only object created that AdapTable requires to initialise and run; it is set up by developers at design-time and injected into the AdapTable constructor at startup.

The AdaptableOptions class contains a few regular properties and a number of xxxOptions properties where the type is itself a collection of related properties.


Typically you will only need to populate a few of the properties in AdaptableOptions, and just a few properties in the xxxOptions classes.


Any property that is not supplied by the user when populating the object, will use the default value which is the most sensible and popular option.


Base OptionsThe most important options e.g. Predefined Config, AdaptableId and Vendor Grid
Audit OptionsAudit Log related options
Edit OptionsEditing (and server-editing) related options
Filter OptionsOptions relating to filtering functionality in AdapTable
General OptionsGeneral set of Options (e.g. for managing Primary Keys
Layout OptionsLayout (Views) related Options
Query OptionsOptions when running a Query / Expression in AdapTable
Search OptionsSearch-related options (e.g. for managing Server searching)
State OptionsSeries of functions to allow you to manage AdapTable State
Team Sharing OptionsEnables 'Team Sharing' of AdapTable objects among colleagues
User Interface OptionsUser Interface related functions (e.g. menus, toolbars)
User FunctionsImplementations of User Functions which are referenced in Config
Custom Predicate DefCustom predicates provided by devs (e.g. for filters, alerts etc.)

Plugin Options

These options are used by the AdapTable plugins (e.g. charting, finance)

Chart OptionsChart-based options (used when using chart plugin)
ipushpull Plugin OptionsOptions used by the ipushpull Plugin
Glue42 Plugin OptionsOptions used by the Glue42 Plugin
OpenFin Plugin OptionsOptions used by the OpenFin Plugin
Finsemble Plugin OptionsOptions used by the Finsemble Plugin
Master Detail Plugin OptionsOptions used by the Master / Detail Plugin

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