Audit Options

Options for managing the AdapTable Audit Log.


The Audit Log streams messages about AdapTable activity to a number of different potential destinations.

As this is a large topic in itself see the Audit Log Guide for comprehensive details of how to configure and set up the Audit Log, together with code examples.

Setting Audit Options

auditOptions = {
auditCellEdits: {
auditToHttpChannel: true,
auditFunctionsApplied: {
auditAsAlert: true,
auditInternalStateChanges: {
auditAsEvent: true,
auditAsAlert: true,
auditUserStateChanges: {
auditAsEvent: true,
auditToHttpChannel: true,
auditAsAlert: true,
auditToConsole: true,
httpChannel: '/MyChannel',
pingInterval: 120,
auditLogsSendInterval: 3,

Audit Options Properties

alertMessageTypeMessage Type for when sending Audit messages as Alerts
alertShowAsPopupWhether Audit Alert will show a popup
auditCellEditsAudits cell edits (changes to cell data directy by user action)all false
auditFunctionsAppliedAudits Functions being applied in AdapTable (e.g. 'Smart Edit Applied'all false
auditInternalStateChangesAudits all changes to Internal State (e.g. popup opened, cells selected)all false
auditLogsSendInterval'Batch' time (in seconds) for pushing Audit messages; at least 1 Audit Option must have 'auditToHttpChannel' set to true1
auditTickingDataUpdatesAudits all changes to Grid data (i.e. not caused by a user edit)all false
auditUserStateChangesAudits all changes to User State (e.g. objects created, edited or deleted)all false
httpChannelHttp Channel to stream to; at least 1 Audit Option must have 'auditToHttpChannel' set to true'/auditlog'
pingIntervalFrequency (in seconds) Audit Log will ping to check Http Channel is running; at least 1 Audit Option must have 'auditToHttpChannel' set to true60

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