Container Options

Options for managing the 3 main div elements used by AdapTable - AdaptTable, VendorGrid and Modal.

Also contains options for showing items created by the Charts, Alert and System Status Functions.

All 6 options can be passed the name of the relevant Div element and some can also take the Div Element itself.

containerOptions = {
adaptableContainer: document.querySelector('#adaptable') as HTMLElement,
vendorContainer: 'vendorGridDiv',
modalContainer: 'modelDiv',
chartContainer: 'chartDiv',

Container Options Properties

adaptableContainerDiv containing AdapTable - string Id or HTMLElement"adaptable"
alertContainerDiv to show Alerts - string Id or HTMLElementnull
chartContainerName of div where charts appear (if null, will be centre of page)nulll
modalContainerName of div where modals appear (if null, will be centre of page)null
systemStatusContainerDiv to show System Status messages - string Id or HTMLElementnull
vendorContainerDiv containing underlying vendor grid- string Id or HTMLElement"grid"