Filter Options

Options for managing Filters.

Includes settings for how Filters should look.

Also contains options to set if, how and when the Grid should repaint and re-filter after user-invoked data edits and ticking data edits.

Adaptable or Vendor Grid?

By default AdapTable will use its Filter Form and - where applicable - its Quick Filter bar.

To use those provided by the underlying grid instead set useAdaptableFilterForm or useAdaptableQuickFilter to false.

Setting Filter Options

filterOptions = {
filterActionOnUserDataChange: {
RunFilter: 'Throttle',
ThrottleDelay: 50

Filter Options Properties

autoApplyFilterApply selected filters in Filter Form as soon as they are clicked; if false an Apply Filter button is displayedtrue
clearFiltersOnStartUpClears all saved Column Filters when AdapTable re-loadsfalse
filterActionOnExternalDataChangeWhen to re-filter grid after data ticks: 'Always', 'Never' or 'Throttle' (which requires a 'ThrottleDelay')'Never'
filterActionOnUserDataChangeWhen to re-filter grid after user edits data: 'Always', 'Never' or 'Throttle' (which requires a 'ThrottleDelay')'Always'
indicateFilteredColumnsMake Column header distinctive for filtered columns, helps users see currently filtered columnstrue
sortColumnValuesInFilterWhether column values in filter dropdown should apply column's current Sort Order for the columnfalse
useAdaptableFilterFormUse Adaptable's Filter Form in Column header menu; if false, vendor grid one will be usedtrue
useAdaptableQuickFilterUse Adaptable's Quick Filter (where relevant); if false, vendor grid one will be usedtrue
useVendorFilterFormStyleStyles Adaptable Filter Form to match styling of current vendor gridtrue

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