General Options

General options section of Adaptable Options.

Essentially those options that didnt fit into an obvious group (e.g. Layout, Filter etc.) but we didnt want at root.

Missing Primary Keys

General Options contains a useful property - showMissingPrimaryKeyWarning - to help with Primary Keys.


Primary Keys are critical to how AdapTable ensures that each cell can in the grid can be uniquely identified

The property displays a warning if the column identified as being Primary Key in Adaptable Options is missing from the Columns collection


The default value of true is recommended as a misapplied primaryKey can have many unpleasant side-effects


Cell Validation and Alert Functions both contain a PrimaryKeyDuplicate Predicate which will trigger when an already existing value is entered in the Primary Key column.

Missing Columns

AdapTable will log a warning whenever a Column is referred to in Predefined Config or a function which does not appear in the Grid.

This is usually required but there are are circumstances when this is not the case e.g.if columns get added to the grid piecemeal

To stop AdapTable from logging unnecessary warnings set showMissingColumnsWarning to false.

Group Total Headers

showGroupingTotalsAsHeader is a useful option which will display any aggregated totals at the top of the Grid.

Setting this to true will display a pinned grouped total row at the top of the Grid as this demo illustrates.


This is primarily for ag-Grid users who want to see totals at the top of the grid, as currently grid aggregation is only available as a footer.

General Options Properties

alternativeFunctionNamesAlternative names to use for Adaptable Functions in toolbars and menusnull
hideEmptyGroupRowsHides any grouped rows if there are no columns visiblefalse
showGroupingTotalsAsHeaderShow aggregated totals row at top of Grid when row groupingfalse
showMissingColumnsWarningShow warning if AdapTable cannot find a columntrue
showMissingPrimaryKeyWarningWarn if Primary Key column identified in Adaptable Options is not presenttrue
generalOptions = {
showMissingPrimaryKeyWarning: true,

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