Search Options

Includes options for running some (or all) search and filter functions on the server and whether to exclude some columns from Quick Search.

Excluding Quick Search

The excludeColumnFromQuickSearch property is a function to be provided by developers at Design-time that will exclude particular columns from Quick Search results:


This is particularly useful in cases where a cell renderer causes false positives in the Search results

searchOptions = {
// Exclude the 'country' column and any Read Only columns
excludeColumnFromQuickSearch: (column: AdaptableColumn) => {
if (column.ColumnId === 'country' || column.ReadOnly) {
return true;
return false;

Running Searches on the Server

The serverSearchOptions property will stipulate whether - when using the Client Side Row Model any searching or filtering in AdapTable should take place on the server.


Leave this property unset if you want all searching and filtering to take place on the client (the default).


This is only applicable when the Client Side Row Model is in use

This topic is dealt with at length in the Server Functionality Guide together with information about the SearchChangedEvent.

// Run Query on the server (but Filter and Sorts on the client)
adaptableOptions.searchOptions = {

Search Options Properties

clearSearchesOnStartUpWhether to clear all saved searches when AdapTable loadsfalse
excludeColumnFromQuickSearchFunction enabling specific Columns to be excluded from Quick Searchnull
quickSearchPlaceholderValue to use as placeholder in QuickSearch controls (e.g. in Dashboard)'Search'
runQueryAfterQuickSearchRuns a Query after Quick Search runs, filtering on quick search valuefalse
serverSearchOptionsWhich searching and filtering options, if any, should take place on serverundefined