Team Sharing Options

Options for managing Team Sharing


Team Sharing enables Adaptable Objects easily to be shared - at run-time - between colleagues.

See the Team Sharing Guide for full details on how to configure and set up Team Sharing.

Team Sharing Options Properties

enableTeamSharingWhether Team Sharing is enabledfalse
getSharedEntitiesFunction which retrieves available Shared Entities that user can download and merge automatically with Adaptable Statenull
setSharedEntitiesFunction which uploads Shared Entities so they can be downloaded by other members of the teamnull
updateIntervalFrequency (in minutes) to check if Active Shared Entities have a newer revision0 (never)
updateNotificationHow user is informed when Active Shared Entities have newer revisions: can be 'Alert', 'AlertWithNotification' or 'SystemStatus'null (none)

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