ToolPanel Options

Options for managing the Adaptable ToolPanel Compoonent

ToolPanel Options Properties

adaptableToolPanelTitleTitle for AdapTable ToolPanel Component - appears vertically at side'AdapTable'
customToolPanelButtonsToolPanel Buttons provided by Users which perform custom behaviour
customToolPanelsToolPanels provided by Users which contain custom content
iconKeyKey of icon to be used (beside the label) for Adaptable ToolPanel Component'menu'
showAdaptableToolPanelDisplays Adaptable ToolPanel Component (only if AG Grid Sidebar is provided)true
showColumnsDropdownDisplay the Columns dropdowntrue
showModulesDropdownDisplay the Modules dropdowntrue
showToolPanelsDropdownDisplay the Tool Panels dropdowntrue
toolPanelOrderOrder of displayed ToolPanels in Sidebar['filters', 'columns', 'AdaptableToolPanel']

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