Angular Wrapper Overview

The AdapTable Angular AG Grid Wrapper allows you to install, instantiate and reference AdapTable in an "Angular-friendly" manner.


This Wrapper is only available if you use AG Grid as the underlying vendor Data Grid

It is a very lightweight wrapper so other than separate Installation and Integration everything else you will do in AdapTable (e.g. create Adaptable Options, write Predefined Config, use the Adaptable API etc.) is exactly the same as it is for Core.


AdapTable Rx requires the use of Angular 10 or higher.

Other Resources

The following demo examples using the Angular Wrapper are available:

DescriptionAngular VersionAdapTable Version
Comprehensive Demo with lots of Predefined Configv.10AdapTable Rx

To see AdapTable, more generally, in action visit our Demo Site. Here you can see a large number of AdapTable demos each showing a different feature, function or option in AdapTable (using dummy data sets).