Bulk Update Module

Bulk Update facilitates replacing, via a single action, the cell value in multiple cells (in one column) with the same new value.

The 'replacement' value can either be one that already exists in the column or an entirely new one.


Unlike Smart Edit which updates the cell based on its current contents, Bulk Updates replaces the existing cell value with a new value provided by the User.

Bulk Update can bre applied on text, numeric and date columns. The input will change depending on the datatype of the column.


If updating a date column you are provided with a datepicker when entering the new value.

If the proposed Bulk Update breaks a Prevent Edit Alert then the edit will be prevented (or a warning is displayed).

UI Elements

Bulk Update includes the following UI Elements:

  • Popup - Allows you to perform a Bulk Update operation on selected cells. Will show what the new value for each selected cell will be and also whether any Alert rules will be broken as a result of the update.

  • Toolbar - Enables Bulk Update to be performed - and to provide both an existing column value or a new one.

  • Tool Panel - Same as Toolbar above.

  • Context Menu - Apply Bulk Update Menu Item opens Bulk Update popup (only visible if selected cells are editable and from a single column).

UI Entitlements

UI Entitlements behaviour is as expected for Full and Hidden Access Levels.

The ReadOnly Entitlement behaviour is the same as if the Access Level was Hidden

Bulk Update API

Provides run-time access to the Bulk Update Module.

applyBulkUpdate(gridCells)Applies a Bulk Update to given Cells
getBulkUpdateValue()Returns current Bulk Update value
showBulkUpdatePopup()Opens Bulk Update popup screen


Can I performa a Bulk Update on any column?

Yes. Unlike Smart Edit which is restricted to numeric columns, Bulk Update can be performed on text (string), numeric and date columns.

With Smart Edit you remember the last saved value but not with Bulk Update. Why not?

It doesnt make sense to store a previous bulk update value as by its nature its usually a one-off operation.

Can I perform Bulk Update on a readonly column?

No, Bulk Update only applies on editable columns.

Can I perform a Bulk Update across more than one column?

No, like Smart Edit, Bulk Update works on only one column at a time.

Can I choose to enter a value that is not currently in the column?

Yes, you can. The selector for Bulk Update allows you to add your own value which is not currently contained in the column. Simply enter the new value you wish to set, and then click the selector to confirm.

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