Data Change History Module

The Data Change History Module provides information about all cell value changes in your AdapTable session - both user edits and 'ticking' data changes.

Change History Modes

There are 3 modes for Data Tracking

  • Active: Data Changes are tracked


    This is not the default option - tracking needs to be explicitly turned on


    Tracking can be auto-activated by setting activeByDefault to true in Data Change History Options

  • Inactive: Changes are not tracked and previous changes are flushed from cache

  • Suspended: Changes are not tracked (but previous change history still displays)

UI Elements

The Module includes the following UI Elements:

  • Popup - displays a table showing all changes to any cell value in the current session. Each row also has an 'Edit' button which will revert the change.
  • Toolbar - Can activate, de-activate or suspend listening to data changes
  • Tool Panel - Same as Toolbar above.

ReadOnly Entitlement

The ReadOnly Entitlement behaviour is that the table will display but the 'Edit' button is disabled.

Predefined Config

There is no Predefined Config available for the Change History Module

Data Change History Options

The Data Change History Options allow you to set when Data Changes are tracked:

activeByDefaultWhether data change history should be active by default; it may be changed at runtime via the UI controlsfalse
filterDataChangeFunction enabling specific data changes to be included/excluded from the Data Change Historyundefined (all data changes are logged)

The filterDataChange property is useful as it allows you to monitor only some changes.

For instance to monitor only user edits (and not 'ticking' data changes) you can do:

const adaptableOptions: AdaptableOptions = {
dataChangeHistoryOptions: {
activeByDefault: true,
filterDataChange: (dataChangeInfo: DataChangedInfo) => {
return dataChangeInfo.trigger == 'edit';

Data Change History API

The Data Change History API includes these functions

activateDataChangeHistory(forceReset)Activates Data Change History tracking (or resumes it, if it is currently suspended)
deactivateDataChangeHistory()Deactivates Data Change History tracking and flushes the cache
getDataChangeHistoryLog()Retrieves all data changes which are currently available
getDataChangeHistoryMode()Retrieves current Data Change History mode: 'ACTIVE', 'INACTIVE', 'SUSPENDED'
suspendDataChangeHistory()Suspends data change history tracking
undoDataChangeHistoryEntry(dataChangeInfo)Reverts the provided data change to its previous value


Can I see other information in the Change History Module other than cell changes?

Not at the moment, but that might be added in due course.

In the meantime you can subscribe to the Adaptable State Changed Event for full oversight of all activity in AdapTable.