Look & Feel FAQ

Do you support grouping?

If the underlying grid has row grouping then AdapTable will support it.

Do you support banded columns?

Yes, if the underlying grid has column grouping then AdapTable will support it.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Can we open Function popups via a keyboard shortcut?

You cannot do it directly through an AdapTable API method - you can currently access Functions either from the Home Dropdown, or from a Function Bookmark - both in the Dashboard.

However see the Hot Keys Demo which shows how set up hot keys to do exactly that.

Grid Columns

Can we include our own cell editors? If we have custom editors can we use them?

Yes. You can use any editors that the underlying grid supports. AdapTable doesn't have any view on what cell editors are used; all it needs to know is the previous and changed cell value. So you can use any cell editors that you wish.

Can I have a cell with a button?

Yes you can put anything you want in a column or cell. If you have a button you will need to write the event logic but AdapTable won't prevent it from working.

Additionally AdapTable provides the ActionColumn function which will create a button for you (that you can render how you want, and will fire an event when the button is clicked).

Do you support the grid's readonly columns?

Yes. If a column has been set to be readonly when the grid is defined, none of AdapTable's editing functions (e.g. Smart Edit, Shortcuts, Plus / Minus, Bulk Update etc) will work.

Similarly AdapTable will respect it if the column is set to not filterable or not sortable.

Do you support readonly cells?

Not at present but we plan to support that in a forthcoming release.


Can we provide our own colours for the colour palette instead of using your defaults colours?

Yes, you can supply your own colour palette at design time which will ship with the system containing the grid. This is done through User Interface Config.


Can we see a summary in the Wizard of what steps have been completed so far?

Yes. Each wizard displays a list of required steps along the top, together with an indication of the current step.

Is the wizard summary clickable?

Yes, you can click any wizard steps that have already been completed.

Floating Filters

Is there a way to show / hide the Floating Filter?

You can do so in 2 ways: from any column header menu, or from the Column Filter toolbar. The latter has a show/hide button that.

Why does my Grid not have a Floating Filter?

Not every vendor grid contains a Floating Filter. AdapTable uses an existing floating filter if one is there in the Vendor Grid (and extends the functionality) but it wont create one if one doesn't already exist.


Is there a way to ensure that modal windows only take up their own screen estate and don't encroach on other windows?

Yes, set the modalContainer property in Container Options to Grid.


Why can I not see the Context Menu in AdapTable (using ag-Grid)?

If you are using a trackpad then make sure that the allowContextMenuWithControlKey is set to true.


Can I hide the scrollbars in AdapTable?

Yes, if you are using Windows then set the useCustomMacLikeScrollbars property in User Interface Options to true.