Troubleshooting FAQ

How can I see logging messages from AdapTable?

AdapTable ensures that all critical messages are always visible in the console.

Other messages are only visible if you set logging on - see Logging for more info.

Why do I have 'multiple versions of React' message?

AdapTable uses React internally and has a minimum required version it needs. If you are using other imports / libraries which require a lower version of React than this, then you will get this message, as npm will install a separate version of React for AdapTable (this is the case if you have node_modules/@adaptabletools/adaptable/node_modules/react present). You can also figure out why React is installed by running the npm ls react command.

I am using stencil and cannot see AdapTable?

stencil uses a shadow dom, so you need to specify the vendorContainer and adaptableContainer in adaptableOptions.containerOptions as elements, not as strings

If you have scoped: true then use:


to retrieve references to your vendor grid & adaptable container elements.

If you have scoped: false you should use:


Can I turn off Alerts for a few minutes without needing to delete and then re-create?

Yes since Version 9.1 of AdapTable, many objects derive from Suspendable Object which has an IsSuspended property.

Setting this to true will suspend the operation of the object in question but not delete it.

Why are the edit and delete buttons disabled?

This is likely because the Module Entitlement is 'Read Only'.

If so, users can access existing Adaptable Objects but cannot edit or delete them or create new ones.

It might also be the case that the item in question can never be deleted (e.g. if it is the only Layout in State).

Why are some rows missing from my grid?

Check that there are no Column Filters applied, or that the Current Query is empty.

Why can I not see some toolbars in my Dashboard that other user have?

First check that they have not been closed. You can see the available toolbars in the Dashboard popup.

If the toolbar is not listed there then the Module might be marked as 'Hidden' in your entitlements which means you don't have access to see it.

Why is AdapTable not showing up in my browser? I'm using Internet Explorer

Adaptable does not support Internet Explorer.

AdapTable does work in Chrome, Edge, Opera, Firefox, Safari and all other modern browsers.

Why I am seeing a warning in my console that AdapTable does not know the type of the column?

This happens if you use AG Grid which has no means of setting the DataType of the column. So AdapTable has to guess it by looking at the first row in the grid.

You can avoid this by setting by providing each Column with a ColumnType property when configuring GridOptions during set-up

gridOptions = {
columnDefs: [
headerName: "Order Id",
field: "orderId",
type: 'abColDefNumber'
headerName: "Cust. Ref",
field: "customerReference",
type: 'abColDefString',
rowData: trades,

The available options are:

  • abColDefNumber: for numeric columns
  • abColDefNumberArray: for numeric array columns (used in Sparkline Columns )
  • abColDefString: for string (text) columns
  • abColDefBoolean: for boolean (yes/no) columns
  • abColDefDate: for data and time columns
  • abColDefObject: for any other column

This is advisable to use in all scenarios; however it's particularly important when the data is loaded after columns have already been set up, as AdapTable might have incorrectly inferred column data types.

Why are the Columns automatically sorted when I group by them?

This is the default behaviour in AdapTable.

You can turn it off by setting autoOrderGroupedColumns to false in General Options

Why is my AG Grid ValueSetter not working?

Check that you have not created a Prevent Edit Alert for that column.

Prevent Edit Alerts will create an AG Grid Value Setter for the column in question, and this will REPLACE an existing Value Setter for the Column if one was set in GridOptions.

Why is my grid slowing down?

Check that you are not re-filtering too often on ticking data.

By default AdapTable will only re-filter on user edits (or column changes) but you might have set this in Filter Options to also update when data ticks.

Why is my grid starting up slowly?

Ensure that your Predefined Config is up to date.

If you are using outdated Config (e.g. for Calculated Column), then AdapTable will automatically update it to the correct syntax which can take time as it will cause the grid to re-render.


AdapTable logs whenever Config is auto-updated so turn on Logging to see these messages