Installing AdapTable


This page describes how to install the 'Core' or non-Framework version of AdapTable only


Public NPM Registry

AdapTable (from Version 10 onwards) is installed from a public npm registry.


Read the instructions below for installing older versions of AdapTable


If upgrading to Adaptable 10 from an older version see the migration notes for clearing your registry

  1. Install AdapTable from npm

    npm i @adaptabletools/adaptable

  2. Install any Plugins that are required.

    For example to use Master-Detail functionality add:

    npm i @adaptabletools/adaptable-plugin-master-detail-aggrid


    Plugins reduce download size by placing less frequently used functionality outside the main download.


    Most Plugins are very small but some (e.g. Charts) will add significantly to the download size.

  3. Ensure all Peer Dependencies are installed - currently just @ag-grid-community/all-modules:

    "peerDependencies": {
    "@ag-grid-community/all-modules": "^26.0.0",

    See AG Grid Overview for latest supported version information

  4. Specify the licenseKey property in your adaptableOptions

    const adaptableOptions: AdaptableOptions = {

Migrating to V.10

If you are a user of AdapTable Version 9 or earlier, you will need to clear your registry before installing from the public registry.

Simply type in this npm command:

npm config delete @adaptabletools:registry

or, if you are using yarn

yarn config delete @adaptabletools:registry

Private NPM registry

AdapTable (v9 and earlier) was distributed via the private npm registry

To gain access to this registry please follow these steps using the credentials you were given:

  1. Point your npm client to the correct registry for packages under the @adaptabletools scope

    npm config set @adaptabletools:registry

    if you're using yarn

    yarn config set @adaptabletools:registry

  2. Login to the AdapTable private registry:

    npm login --registry= --scope=@adaptabletools

  3. Enter the credentials that were provided to you by the AdapTable support team:

    • login name
    • email
    • password
  4. Check you are logged-in correctly by using whoami:

    npm whoami --registry=

    This should display the username you received as the current login on the private registry


    This does not affect your username/login session on the public npm registry