AdapTable requires a commercial licence.

Licences are annual and can be purchased individually, for a team, for an application, for an organisation or for integration into software for onward sale.


A trial licence can be made available for a short period of time to facilitate POCs using AdapTable.

What is Included?

Each AdapTable licence is annual in scope.


At the end of the year if there is no renewal, AdapTable will continue to work unimpeded, but access to Support and future updates will be removed.

An AdapTable Licence includes:

  • access to all Adaptable Functions and Plugins.

  • comprehensive and ongoing support - by phone, email and Zendesk

  • regular (minimum quarerly) updates, including the roll-out of additional features as requested by users

  • access to all 3rd party libraries used by AdapTable

  • access to AdapTable private Github repo - upon request - to see source code and provide pull requests


AdapTable licence does not cover any licences for underlying commercial vendor grids.

Licence Models

There are 6 models for acquiring licences.


The AdapTable Tools Sales Team will work with you to establish which is the right model for you, and also operate flexibly to ensure that you always benefit from the most cost-effective solution

Trial Licence

This no-cost licence allows you to try out AdapTable โ€“ with unrestricted functionality - for a defined and limited period using your own data.

When the trial period expires, AdapTable can no longer be installed or updated.


This licence is for a restricted period of time and for evaluation purposes only, so cannot be used to build commercial or enterprise software

Individual User Licence

This option suits small companies or teams.

It is also available as an option for software houses requiring licences for internal use ahead of - or as well as - a licence to integrate into a product for market.


There is no minimum user number associated with this Licence type.

Team Licence

This options offers bundle at a discount on individual user licence prices, with an upper limit on user numbers and potential for usage across more than one system.

Increases in use and licence growth may be agreed through the typical 3 year licence period.


There is usually a minimum of 20 users

Per-Application Licence

This licence allows usage of AdapTable on a per-Application basis.

Each application is paid for separately.

We offer 2 versions:.

  • Medium Application Licence - Less than 30 users

  • Large Application Licence - More than 30 users

Universal Licence

This licence is appropriate in cases of very large-scale roll out, or where the number of end- users is unknown or unpredictable (for example, integration into third-party software).

Universal licences are agreed on a case-by-case basis according to an agreed scope.


A Universal Licence allows AdapTable to be used in in unlimited applications with unlimited users across an entire organisation

Development Licence

This licence is intended to assist with an extended development period which goes beyond the terms of the free trial licence.

Typically it is a precursor to obtaining one of our other AdapTable licences.

These licences are agreed on a case-by-case basis depending on individual requirements for a fixed time period, and can include additional development support.

The framework for licensing after this will be agreed when the development-only licence is granted.


There are no minimum number, nor end user number requirements

Further Information

For more information contact


Do we need a licence to do a Trial?

Yes. There is no charge for an initial limited short-term trial licence but you do need to get in touch so that we can provide you with the keys needed to access to AdapTable's rich functionality.

If you want to do a longer-term POC then you will need to agree a commercial Trial Licence. The cost of this is fully redeemable against purchase of an AdapTable Licence.

How much do licences cost?

It depends on how many users there are, and whether AdapTable is to be used across a single application or multiple applications. We sell bundles of licences and operate a sliding scale, so the more users you have the lower the cost per user with the cost per user falling rapidly.

We also offer a Universal Licence giving unlimited usage for unlimited users which can be more appropriate in some situations.

We are a software company so we don't know how many end users we will have. Is there a model that works for us?.

Yes: We offer a Universal Licence for software houses and similar clients who are unable to provide us with a precise number of end users. In this scenario, we set a fixed annual price that allows for unlimited usage (and unlimited users).

How long does a licence last?

One year from when it is signed. It is also possible to agree a multi-year licence and/or pricing formula where there is a desire for greater certainty and a willingness to commit.

At the end of the licence period, if you choose not to renew AdapTable will continue to work but there will no longer be eligibility for updates or Support.

Does that include updates?

Yes, we guarantee a minimum of 4 quarterly updates a year which continue to expand the functionality available.

Does a licence include Support? And if so, how much?

We provide Support through email ( and Zendesk, and aim to respond to all queries within 12 hours.

What happens if an underlying grid releases a new version? Does the licence cover that?

We guarantee to support any major release of an underlying vendor grid within 30 days of its release. We try to ensure backward compatibility but obviously if there are breaking changes then we will support only the newest version.

Does the AdapTable licence include one for the underlying vendor grid?

No it doesnt. If the underlying grid requires a commercial licence then you must pay for that separately.