AdapTable requires a commercial licence from Adaptable Tools.

It can be used in software applications within an organisation or integrated into software to be released to the market for onward sale.


A Free Trial Licence lasting 30 days is available to enable POCs using AdapTable, after which a full Licence is required.

How It Works

Each client is given a unique License Key that provides full access to all functionality in AdapTable.


If you have not received a License Key please email Adaptable Tools Support

This key should be supplied when instantiating AdapTable via the licenseKey property in Adaptable Options.


If the license key is not present, AdapTable will display a watermark and run with reduced functionality

What is Included?

All AdapTable licences are annual and often set for an initial 3 year period with scope to renew the licence for any time period.


If the licence is not renewed, AdapTable will continue to work fully, but there will be no further access to Support or to future updates.

An AdapTable Licence includes:

  • Access to all Adaptable Modules and Plugins.

  • Comprehensive and ongoing support from the AdapTable team - by phone, email and Zendesk.

  • Regular (minimum quarterly) updates, including the roll-out of additional features as requested by users

  • Access to all 3rd party libraries used by AdapTable

  • Access to AdapTable private Github repo - upon request - to see source code and provide pull requests


An AdapTable licence does not cover any licences that may be required for underlying vendor grids

Development Licences

It is free for developers to use AdapTable, or to evaluate it by building a Proof of Concept (POC).

Trial Licence

Our free 30-day Trial Licence is designed to allow you to evaluate AdapTable and/or to build a Proof of Concept (POC) around it.

There are no restrictions on functionality and you can see it working in your own data environment.


This licence cannot be used to build commercial or enterprise software; subject to further licensing arrangements agreed, at the expiry of the trial period, AdapTable can no longer be installed or updated.

Once you have concluded a successful test of AdapTable, and longer-term licensing arrangements are in place, you may request an extension of your free trial licence for another month in order to integrate Adaptable into your new Application.

Integration Licence

An Integration Licence is required for longer integration periods than that provided by a trial licence.

This allows for a more extended development stage, with support from the AdapTable team through that time.

When required, a commercial licence is agreed, usually for 6 months initially, extendable on a monthly basis.


Integration Licences permit you to continue to access full Support during the Integration period - including making new functionality requests, based on your requirements, to be added to the core product.

It also provides full access to any new versions of AdapTable that are released during the Integration period.


If you purchase an Integration Licence we guarantee to honour any pricing quotation for longer term licensing made at the outset, even if our prices change in the interim.

Commercial Licence Models

There are 3 different models for acquiring AdapTable licences and we will try to work with you to identify the one that is most appropriate for your needs.

Neither of the licensing models requires you to audit the number of end-users you have.


It is also possible to shift between models if your plans change.

Application Licence

This option allows AdapTable to be integrated into a single application to be used either by members of the organisation licensing AdapTable, or to be sold freely on the open market by the organisation licensing AdapTable.

AdapTable offers a flat price, per application, reflecting intended scope, and that rate does not change if the number of end users changes.

If a decision is taken to integrate AdapTable across more than one application, further licences will be needed..

Universal Licence

This licence allows for complete flexibility and is suitable when using AdapTable across multiple applications. It has no restrictions and pricing is determined by overall scale of use .


A Universal Licence allows AdapTable to be used in in unlimited applications with unlimited users across an entire organisation or product range.

Start-Up Licence

This Licence is designed to support start-ups and young businesses on their path to growth.

It offers a 3 year deal at a heavily discounted price.

A Start-up is defined as:

  • Business in existence for 5 years or less
  • Annual revenues under ยฃ500,000

More Information

For more information contact


Do we need a licence to do a Trial?

Yes. There is no charge for a 30 day trial licence but you do need to get in touch so that we can provide you with the License Key needed to access AdapTable's rich functionality.

Once you successfully complete your Trial, you can migrate to the licence type most appropriate for your requirements.

What happens if it will take us many months to build an Application following our Trial?

We allow an additional month, following a successful POC, for continued use of the Trial Licence in your development until you are ready to go live, so long as longer term licensing arrangements are in place.

If you require a longer development period than that, you will need to purchase an Integration Licence - this allows you to access support and product updates during your development phase.

How much do licences cost?

The cost of a licence depends on the number of applications in which you plan to use it, and the overall scale of use.

We also offer a Universal Licence giving unlimited usage which can be more appropriate in some situations.

We are a software company so we don't know how many end users we will have. Is there a model that works for us?.

Yes: You can take a licence per application in which you wish to use AdapTable, or you can take advantage of our Universal Licence.

In this scenario, we set a fixed annual price that allows for unlimited usage (and unlimited users).

How long does a licence last?

A licence lasts for 1 year from when it is signed. It is also possible to agree a multi-year licence and/or pricing formula where there is a desire for greater certainty and a majority of our current clients prefer this option.

At the end of the licence period, if you choose not to renew, AdapTable will continue to work without interruption, but you will no longer be eligible for updates or Support.

Does a licence include access to newer versions and improvements in functionality?

Yes, we guarantee a minimum of 4 quarterly updates a year which continue to expand the functionality available.

These are available to all licence holders, and licence holders are also able to discuss with us additional functionality that they would like to see in AdapTable.

We take this into account in our process of product development.

Does a licence include Support? And if so, how much?

We provide Support through email ( and Zendesk, and aim to respond to all queries within 12 hours.

What happens if an underlying grid releases a new version? Does the licence cover that?

We work with grid vendors and guarantee to support any major release of an underlying vendor grid within 30 days of its release. We try to ensure backward compatibility but obviously if there are breaking changes then we will support only the newest version.

Does the AdapTable licence include one for the underlying vendor grid?

No it does not. If the underlying grid requires a commercial licence then you must negotiate and pay for that separately.