Next Steps

Probably the best way to find out about AdapTable is simply to try it out for yourself.


If you do not have a Licence and would like to evaluate AdapTable please contact us for a Trial Licence

Trying out AdapTable

Use the Usage example to create your own small AdapTable application and experiment by adding custom Predefined Configuration and various Adaptable Options.

Use some of the Plugins if you want to access additional features.

Initialising AdapTable will return an Adaptable API object that you can use to progamatically create objects and run Adaptable Functions.

If you are an existing React or Angular user then use the React or Angular wrappers to access AdapTable in a framework-friendly manner.

If you are using the OpenFin container, then make sure to install the OpenFin plugin which enables you to take advantage of the many features available for OpenFin users.

Further Reading

The documentation on this site is continually growing.

We have added a Key Topics section for guides to important functionality like Audit Log, Entitlements and Adaptable State.

And more sections, examples, code snippets and (soon) videos are being continually added.


General information about Adaptable Tools is available at our Website

The Demo Site contains hundreds of demos each illustrating a different function or functionality in AdapTable.

For all support enquiries please email or raise a Support Ticket.