General information about Adaptable Tools is available at our Website.

The Demo Site contains scores of individual demos.

Each demo illustrates a different Module or piece of functionality in AdapTable, together with the source code required to build it.

Email support is also available at

Support Tickets

The preferred way to access AdapTable Support is to raise a Support Ticket.


Raising a ticket ensures that the issue is properly tracked and only closed when satisfactorily resolved

Support Template

When raising a ticket, please provide a clear and concise description of the issue. Please test using the latest version of the relevant AdapTable and AG Grid packages to make sure your issue has not already been fixed. Please check out this documentation as they contain important information on how to use AdapTable.

Version AdapTable version: x.x.x; AG Grid version: x.x.x

Steps To Reproduce

Your bug will get fixed much faster if we can run your code and it doesn't have dependencies other than AdapTable and AG Grid. Issues without reproduction steps or code examples may be immediately closed as not actionable.

Link to code example:

Please provide a CodeSandbox, a link to a repository on GitHub, or provide a minimal code example that reproduces the problem; (here are some tips for providing a minimal example)

As a starting point you can fork or import in code-sandbox one of our examples:

The examples can be forked directly using Githubbox, by opening one of the links:

Current behaviour

Expected behaviour