AdapTable logs 4 types of messages to the console as the application runs:

  • Info
  • Success
  • Warning
  • Error

These messages will only be visible if you choose to make them so


AdapTable always logs critical messages which require no user action to be visible

Making Messages Visible

To make logging visible you need to add a new local storage key-value pair.


See this guide for instructions on how to create local storage key-value pairs

To log all messages you need to do:

localStorage.debug = '*'

or alternatively, just to listen to AdapTable messages:

localStorage.debug = 'Adaptable:*'

Setting Message Types

If you want a more granular approach, that is also possible.

For instance, just to to see Error messages, you can set:

localStorage.debug = 'Adaptable:error'

Or to see only Info messages, you can set:

localStorage.debug = 'Adaptable:info'

To see multiple message types, simply separate them with a comma.

For example, t0o see both Success, Warning and Error messages only, you can set:

localStorage.debug = 'Adaptable:success,Adaptable:warn,Adaptable:error'