Chart Plugin Options

Options for managing Charts in Adaptable


To use charts you need to install the the Charts Plugin

Display On StartUp

Specifies whether a chart is displayed at start up.


This property only applies if the CurrentChartName property in Chart State is not empty

Show Modal

Set whether to show charts in a modal popup.

If set to true, then we ignore the chartContainer property in Container Options when working out where to display the chart.


If the property is false, charts will appear in the div element that is specified in chartContainer property

Pie Chart Max Items

Sets the maximum number of items to show in a pie chart.


This only applies to non numeric columns, because for numeric columns we create bands automatically.


Avoid making the number too big, as then the pie chart will be difficult to read


chartPluginOptions = {
displayOnStartUp: true,
showModal: false,
pieChartMaxItems: 30,

Chart Options Properties

displayOnStartUpWhether a chart is displayed at start-up; only applies if CurrentChartName property in Chart State is setfalse
pieChartMaxItemsMaximum number of items to show in a pie chart.50
showModalDisplays charts in a modal popup; if false, charts appear in the div specified im chartContainer property of Container Optionsfalse