Finance Plugin

AdapTable is data-agnostic and designed to appeal to users in any sector or industry.

However its genesis is in the financial services industry and many of its users work in the financial sector.

Accordingly, the Finance Plugin was developed in order to keep the core product 'sector-neutral' while providing useful functionality for financial services clients through a dedicated plugin.

For instance, it includes specialised Cell Summary operations useful for Financial Services like Weighted Average, Only and VWap.

Using the Finance Plugin

To use the Finance Plugin you need to do the following:

  1. Install the package in npm:

    npm install @adaptabletools/adaptable-plugin-finance

    The same version of the Finance Plugin must be installed as for the 'core' AdapTable package.

    AdapTable will send a warning message to the console if these are different

  2. Import the Plugin in your code when instantiating AdapTable:

    import finance from "@adaptabletools/adaptable-plugin-finance";
  3. Add the plugins to the plugins property in AdaptableOptions:

    const adaptableOptions: AdaptableOptions = {
    primaryKey: "OrderId",
    adaptableId: "Plugin Demo",
    plugins: [finance()],


Visit the Cell Summary Demo to see AdapTable with the Finance plugin.