ipushpull API

Provides run-time access to the ipushpull Plugin.

Because ipushpull is available via a Plugin, the way to access the Api is as follows:

const ippApi = adaptableApi.pluginsApi.getPluginApi('ipushpull');

Some of the API methods are intended for internal use only - and have been marked as such.

ipushpull API Methods

addNewIPushPullPage(folder, page)Adds a new page to ipushpull using given name in the supplied folder
clearIPushPullInternalState()Internal method which clears out ipushpull State
getAutoLogin()Retrieves AutoLogin from ipushpull options; if true AdapTable will automatically log user in to ipushpull at start-up
getCurrentIPushPullPassword()Retrieves Password from ipushpull state -- AFTER someone logs in
getCurrentIPushPullUsername()Retrieves Username from ipushpull state - AFTER someone logs in
getCurrentLiveIPushPullReport()Retrieves current ipushpull Report from ipushpull state; A Report contains Name, Folder and ipushpull Page
getFolderIdForName(folderName)Gets the Id of the ipushpull folder / Domain with the given name
getIPushPullDomains()Retrieves all the ipushpull domain to which the current user has access
getIPushPullInstance()Retrieves the current ipushpull instance (if one has been provided by the User at design time in ipushpull state)
getIPushPullPassword()Retrieves Password from ipushpull options (if provided)
getIPushPullSchedules()Gets ipushpull schedules ie. reports set to run at particular times
getIPushPullThrottleTime()Retrieves Throttle Time from ipushpull State; how often a Live report will update ipushpull (if data changes)
getIPushPullUsername()Retrieves Username from ipushpull options (if provided)
getPagesForIPushPullDomain(domain)Retrieves all pages in given ipushpull domain
includeSystemReports()Whether to dispaly System Reports in ipushpull toolbar
isIPushPullAvailable()Checks if an ipushpull instance has been provided by the user
isIPushPullLiveDataRunning()Checks if a report is sending Live Data to ipushpull
isIPushPullReportLive(report)Checks if given report is currently 'live' (i.e. sending updates as data changes)
isIPushPullRunning()Checks to see if ipushpull is running (i.e. a user has successfully logged in)
loginToIPushPull(userName, password)Logins in user to ipushpull with given credentials; if successful ipushpull toolbar will display full set of controls
logoutFromIPushPull()Logs out the current user from ipushpull (changes ipushpull toolbar to show Login button)
retrieveIPushPullDomainsFromIPushPull()Internal AdapTable method used to manage domains
sendSnapshot(iPushPullReport)Publishes an ipushpull Report as a one-off export (i.e. with no live data)
setIPushPullAvailableOff()Internal method which sets ipushpull is unavailable
setIPushPullAvailableOn()Internal method which sets ipushpull is available
setIPushPullDomains(IPushPullDomains)Sets given Domains as those for the current User
setIPushPullInstance(ippInstance)Sets the current ipushpull instance - this method should not generally be used.
setIPushPullLoginErrorMessage(message)Internal method which displays given message in ipushpull login page
setIPushPullRunningOff()Internal method which sets ipushpull is not running
setIPushPullRunningOn()Internal method which sets ipushpull is running
setIPushPullThrottleTime(throttleTime)Sets Throttle time for ipushpull; how often a Live report will update ipushpull (if data changes)
showIPushPullPopup()Opens iPushPullPopup (though its currently empty!)
startLiveData(iPushPullReport)Publishes ipushpull Report as Live Data; any changes to underlying data in report will be sent to ipushpull
stopLiveData()Pauses current Live Data report

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