ipushpull Plugin Options

The Options required for when using the ipushpull Plugin

ipushpull allows users to collborate and share data in powerful ways and it integrates very closely with AdapTable.

ipushpull Options Example

const adaptableOptions: AdaptableOptions = {
plugins: [
username: process.env.IPUSHPULL_USERNAME,
password: process.env.IPUSHPULL_PASSWORD,
throttleTime: 5000,
includeSystemReports: true,
ippConfig: {
api_url: 'https://www.ipushpull.com/api/1.0',
ws_url: 'https://www.ipushpull.com',
web_url: 'https://www.ipushpull.com',
docs_url: 'https://docs.ipushpull.com',
storage_prefix: 'ipp_local',
transport: 'polling',
hsts: false, // strict cors policy

Further Information

ipushpull Plugin Options Properties

autoLoginWhether AdapTable should try log in to ipushpull automatically at start-upfalse
includeSystemReportsWhether AdapTable will include System Reports (e.g. 'All Data', 'Selected Cells' etc) in the ipushpull toolbar dropdowntrue
ippConfigThe config required to run ipushpull; use your ipushpull credentials
passwordThe user's ipushpull password; if supplied, pre-populates the login screen's password textbox
throttleTimeHow many miliseconds AdapTable should throttle when sending data updates to ipushpull2000
usernameUser's ipushpull user name (usually email address); if supplied, pre-populates the login screen's username textbox