OpenFin API

Provides run-time access to the OpenFin Plugin.

Because OpenFin is available via a Plugin, the way to access the Api is as follows:

const openFinApi = adaptableApi.pluginsApi.getPluginApi('openfin');

OpenFin API Methods

The available methods in the OpenFin Api are as follows:


Some of these methods are intended for internal use only - and have been marked as such.

clearOpenFinInternalState()Clears any objects in internal OpenFin state created by AdapTable
getCurrentLiveOpenFinReport()Retrieves the OpenFin currently sending live data to Excel
getOpenFinSchedules()Retrieves all Schedules that send data to Excel via OpenFin
getOpenFinState()Retrieves the OpenFin section of System State
getOpenFinThrottleTime()Retrieves the Throttle time for live updates
getPluginOptions()Retrieves the OpenFinPlugOptions provided in OpenFin Plugin
isOpenFinAvailable()Whether OpenFin is available
isOpenFinRunning()Whether OpenFin is currently running
showNotification(notification)Shows a notification in OpenFin
showNotificationForAlert(alert)Displays Alert as an OpenFin Notification
startLiveData(OpenFinReport)Runs Report in Excel as Live Report (so updates as AdapTable ticks)
stopLiveData()Stops live data; data will no longer be sent from AdapTable to Excel

Further Information