OpenFin Plugin Options

OpenFin PluginOptions are optional configuration settings used when running the OpenFin Plugin.

OpenFin Plugin Options Properties

It contains these properties:

notificationTimeoutTimeout (in ms) for OpenFin notifications use to expire - use false for notifications not to auto-dismiss5000
onNotificationActionFunction which is invoked when a button in OpenFin notification is clicked
onShowNotificationFunction which updates OpenFin notification object (just add/remove properties in the object) as you need before the notification is displayed; return false to prevent notification from showing
onValidationFailureInExcelAction to perform when a data change in Live Excel report triggers a Cell Validation Rule failure
showAppIconInNotificationsIcon to show in a notification - uses the value supplied in UserInterfaceOptionstrue
throttleTimeHow long (in ms) AdapTable throttles when sending data update to OpenFin2000

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