AdapTable uses plugins to help keep the 'core' download to a manageable size.

Plugins are essential groupings of functionality relevant to a particular use case or set of users.

There are currently 8 plugins available (though more are being added all the time):

Using Plugins

To use the AdapTable plugins you need to do the following:

  1. Install the packages you need in npm. So depending on the plugins you require, you would add some or all of the following:

    npm install @adaptabletools/adaptable-plugin-charts
    npm install @adaptabletools/adaptable-plugin-finance
    npm install @adaptabletools/adaptable-plugin-nocode-aggrid
    npm install @adaptabletools/adaptable-plugin-master-detail-aggrid
    npm install @adaptabletools/adaptable-plugin-ipushpull
    npm install @adaptabletools/adaptable-plugin-finsemble
    npm install @adaptabletools/adaptable-plugin-openfin
    npm install @adaptabletools/adaptable-plugin-glue42

    You must install the same version of the plugin as you use for the 'core' AdapTable package. AdapTable will send a warning message to the console if these are different

  2. Import the plugin(s) in your code when instantiating AdapTable:

    import charts from "@adaptabletools/adaptable-plugin-charts";
    import finance from "@adaptabletools/adaptable-plugin-finance";
    import nocode from "@adaptabletools/adaptable-plugin-nocode-aggrid";
    import masterDetail from "@adaptabletools/adaptable-plugin-master-detail-aggrid";
    import ipushpull from "@adaptabletools/adaptable-plugin-ipushpull";
    import finsemble from "@adaptabletools/adaptable-plugin-finsemble";
    import openfin from "@adaptabletools/adaptable-plugin-openfin";
    import glue42 from "@adaptabletools/adaptable-plugin-glue42";
  3. Add the plugins to the plugins property in AdaptableOptions:

    const adaptableOptions: AdaptableOptions = {
    primaryKey: "OrderId",
    adaptableId: "Plugin Demo",
    // call the plugins functions and pass them to plugins array
    plugins: [charts(), finance(), nocode()],

Finance Plugin

This contains functionality that is of particular interest to financial services users.

It includes specialised Cell Summary operations like 'Weighted Average' and 'Only', offers FDC3 Instrument Columns and will soon also include specialist financial column formatters.


AdapTable was initially called the Adaptable Blotter to reflect the fact that its early users were in financial services. However it soon became apparent that the data management functionality on offer was of much wider application to a great many other sectors. Hence the product was renamed AdapTable and the finance-specific functionality was moved to the finance plugin.

Charts Plugin

The charting plugin allows you to access the rich AdapTable charting set courtesy of Infragistics.

The Charts on offer include:

  • Category Charts

  • Pie Charts

  • Financial Charts

  • Sparkline Charts

  • Data Charts


The Charts Plugin is incredibly rich and powerful but this is reflected in its download size which is larger than the core Adaptable package itself

No Code Plugin

The No Code plugin enables the creation of new AdapTable instances purely by dragging and dropping existing JSON or Excel files.

An AdapTable wizard will work out the column names and types from the uploaded file - and allow you to set filtering, sorting, and editability as required.

The wizard will also allow you to choose from more advanced options so you can create a dynamic AdapTable instance to meet your particular requirements.

Once built AdapTable will save the state as it does for developer-built instances, so that any filters, searches, reports etc that are created are available the next time that named instance is run.

Master Detail AgGrid Plugin

For use when AG Grid has been set to Master / Detail mode.

It allows each individual detail grid to be an instance of AdapTable and for them all to share AdapTable objects (e.g. Reports or Conditional Styles).

ipushpull Plugin

Designed for ipushpull users.

The dedicated ipushpull toolbar allows data to be sent from AdapTable (either snapshot or live updates) to an ipushpull page, and other collaborative scenarios.

OpenFin Plugin

Designed for when AdapTable will be used inside the OpenFin container.

This plugin allows users to take advantage of some additional functionality courtesy of OpenFin, e.g. 'Live Excel' - where data exported to Excel updates in the spreadsheet in real time as the source data in AdapTable itself ticks.

Glue42 Plugin

Designed for when AdapTable will be used on a desktop also running the Glue42 desktop.

This plugin leverages many of the powerful features of Glue42 to offer users additional options such as fully validated 2-way data export between AdapTable and Excel.

Finsemble Plugin

Designed for when AdapTable is used in conjunction with Finsemble.

Plugins API

Provides access to the Plugins functionality of AdapTable - currently 8 in total including Charting and Finance and with more to come in due course.


Use this api to get hold of the api for any plugins (i.e. for ipushpull, OpenFin etc)

For instance, to get the ipushpull API object:

const ipushpullApi: IPushPullApi = adaptableApi.pluginsApi.getPluginApi('ipushpull');


The Charts Demos show with the Charts plugin.

The Cell Summary Demo shows with the Finance plugin.

The No Code Demo shows with the No Code plugin.

The Master Detail Demo shows with the Master-detail plugin.

The ipushpull Demo shows with the ipushpull plugin.