Conditional Style Config

The Predefined Configuration for the Conditional Style function

Conditional Style State

The Conditional Style State contains a collection of Conditional Style

ConditionalStylesArray of Conditional Styles to ship with Adaptable

Conditional Style

A Conditional Style is defined as follows:

ExcludeGroupedRowsWhether to apply Style in Grouped Rowsfalse
PredicatePredicate-based Rule to use for deciding if a style needs to be applied.
ScopeWhere Style is applied - can be whole Row, some Columns or all Colunns of given DataType
StyleAdaptable Style (e.g. font properties and colurs) to apply.

Query Object

Because a Conditional Style derives from Query Object it also includes these 2 properties:

ExpressionThe Expression itself - will be evaluated using the Adaptable parser
SharedQueryIdReference to the Uuid property of existing Shared Query in Query State

This offers the ability to provide an Expression instead of a Predicate:

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