Dashboard Config

The Predefined Configuration for the Dashboard function

Dashboard State

ActiveTabThe index of the Active Tab (in the Tabs collection)
CanFloatWhether or not the Dashboard can be floated.true
CustomButtonsButtons set by the User at design-time to appear in the top corner of the Dashboard - next to the Visible Function Buttons
CustomToolbarsToolbars provided by the User
FloatingPositionThe position of the Dashboard when in 'floating mode'.
HomeToolbarTitleThe 'title' to display in the the Dashboard Headerthe adaptableId property in Adaptable Options
IsCollapsedWhether Dashboard is collapsed; if true, header is visible (but not tabs' contents)false
IsFloatingWhether Dashboard is floating; if true, appears in draggable, minmised form (double-click to revert to default position)false
IsInlineAn alternative way of showing the Dashboard in 'Expanded' view.false
ShowFunctionsDropdownWhether to show the Home dropdown in the Dashboard Header.true
ShowQuickSearchInHeaderWhether to show the Quick Search textbox in the Dashboard Header.true
TabsNamed group of Toolbars.
VisibleButtonsWhich Function Buttons should be visible in the Dasbhoard Header when the application loads.['SystemStatus', 'GridInfo', 'Layout' 'ConditionalStyle']

Further Information