Filter Config

The Predefined Configuration for Filters in AdapTable

Contains 2 main collections:

  • System Filters - Specifies which of the System Filters shipped by AdapTable will be available to the Users

  • Column Filters - Which columns are currently filtered together with the predicates that form the filter


Developer are able to write Custom Predicates which can then appear in Filters but these are provided in Custom Predicate Defs section of Adaptable Options.

Filter State

ColumnFiltersCollection of Column Filters
IsQuickFilterVisibleWhether to display Quick Filter Bar - at least one column must have Quick Filter set to truetrue
SystemFiltersWhich Adaptable System Filter Predicates are available; provide empty array for none or leave unset for all

Column Filter Object

The Column Filter object is a straightforward containing a ColumnId and a Predicate:

ColumnIdColumn where Filter should be applied
PredicatePredicate function to evaluate when Filter is run

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